Monday, November 28, 2011


1. Why is it that some people always manage to say things that rub you the wrong way in almost every conversation you have with them, although deep down inside you kind of know that they don't mean to be mean to you?

2. I recently noticed that some friends at work have started to refer to me as an English walking dictionary/grammar book. It's strange yet fascinating as my 'knowledge' on grammar is basically based on what I usually refer to as 'it sounds right, so I'll use that'

3. Football (or soccer if you're American) is the only thing that unites the Malaysian people. Politics just do the total opposite.

4. I've been using glasses since I was 7, and while deep down inside I was a nerd to the core, I hid it as best as I could by getting non-nerdy glasses, and using contact lenses whenever I went out with friends, although they all knew I was a nerd. I checked my eyes again recently (the yearly one) and now I've decided to embrace my nerdiness with frames that emphasise nerdiness.


  1. Some people are just irritants. They probably can't help it.

    And good for you on the glasses. Both my sons wear them, and I like how they look in them.

  2. SAW: Yeah, they probably are.

    As for the glasses, yeah... sometimes it can make people look good.

    nursemyra: Oh yeah, they can... It's a bit difficult to pull off sexy if you've been using them since the age of 7, though... but I'll try ;)

  3. Random posts are the best posts!

  4. King of Scurf: :)

    Orhan: They save you from having to type too much, I guess ;)

  5. I know exactly what you mean with the whole "sounds right" thing. If I try to explain, I end up sounding like a moron. "This word, you can't put it here without a comma, because, um, you'd pause, and this part you can't say by itself because its not a real sentence so that's why this semicolon is wrong..." awful.

  6. Exactly.... explaining it just makes it sound worse


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