Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yeah, They were all Yellow - The Aftermath and Other Things

Was there a winner on the 9th of July rally for electoral reforms? The answer probably depends on who you ask.

While people may argue that the objective of the rally - to march peacefully and handover the electoral reforms request to the King, by hand, that is,  was not really met that day for certain reasons, it can't be denied that the news surrounding the happenings on the day of the rally and the days after that has increased the people's awareness in general.

I've always thought that a "government" was something 'by the people and for the people', but when you read/watch the news, something is just not quite right. While the government seems to be 'by the people', it hardly is for the 'people' in a general sense. It's more like *"by the people, for 'some people', and if you're not in the category of  'some people', then it's the government against the people"

As (ahem) leaders, self appointed or otherwise, when the people start asking for reforms, it is time to go down to the field, get your hands dirty and find out why. And even after you've hurled threats of all sorts and people still defy you, then it is really time to start getting worried, and then to go out there and ask (nicely, thank you very much) them why. Anyone can see this. You surely don't need a reluctant political observer to tell you this.

Instead, hiding behind pretty flowers at the Floria thingy in Putrajaya and telling the media the next day that the silent majority was against the reforms is something no one would have expected from any leader! As the days went by, and the more articles you read (including stuff about connections with the communists- 6 people are currently still under arrest at this point, the Jews (so sorry!), the group of NGOs being sponsored by foreign countries with dubious interest among others), it clearly shows that the situation was handled in the worst way possible.

So the war of words continues, and people watch on as though an interesting sporting event is happening. The important thing is people are watching, I guess. On a much lighter note, there have been a few **funny things regarding this event which I thought I'd share here:

i. The official colour of the group of NGOs which was declared illegal is yellow (hence the title of the post), and it also happens to be the official royal colour. During a period of  xanthophobia, the king stepped in and said something. Perhaps he didn't want to go through the hassle of renewing his whole official wardrobe.

ii. When the leader of the country went to visit Queen E, she met him dressed in a bright yellow dress. 

* They asked for it. Who tells the police to take all necessary action against weaponless peaceful people marching??

** For lack of a better word.


  1. Well, when you have something to hide, you need to do your level best to try and intimidate and oppress the people. But I've got news for them, it ain't gonna work no more :D

  2. Yeah, they probably do have something to hide... *fervently wishing that they'd get their asses kicked in the next GE*

  3. Nick's right. They are only aggressive because they have shit loads to hide, and they need to protect themselves.

  4. Funny thing No. 3 - Perform roadblocks at peak hour on major roads to look for god-knows-what and expect the majority public to understand their actions.

  5. LMC: Agreed...

    Sriyani: I know that pissed a whole lot of people off...


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