Monday, July 04, 2011

Porridge is Bubbling, Bubbling Hot

Porridge is bubbling
Porridge is bubbling, bubbling hot,
Stir it round
And round in the pot.
The bubbles plip!
The bubbles plop!
It's ready to eat
All bubbling hot

We were eight years old, and a classmate of mine actually cried as he struggled when he was made to recite the poem above during English class when our English teacher was auditioning for those who were talented in reciting poetry to represent our class in one of the many competitions held during the English Language Week. But then, this post is not about porridge, nor is it about the unfortunate classmate of mine. Instead, it's sort of connected with the insane heat we've been having of late. And how is porridge precisely connected with the heat wave? They're both Hot. Well, mostly.

In fact, it's been so hot that at some point I imagined that the witch from Hansel and Gretel had put in the whole earth into her oven to slowly cook us and eventually eat us up.


  1. It's winter here in Sydney so I can't wait to experience some heat when I go to New York in 2 weeks!!!

  2. It's so hot I've been postponing all my appointments with silly excuses like my dog ran away with the squirrels ... LOL!

    Praying for some rain, it makes running totally difficult!

  3. "Plip" "plop" - I like that - it's exactly what porridge does.

    I was in Scotland last week and I got sunburnt. Porridge is delicious - but it's not a summer food - not even a Scottish summer.

  4. nursemyra: I think I'd like to experience some cold... ;)

    Nick: It rained yesterday. But yeah, it's been terrible lately in terms of the heat

    King of Scurf: Sunburn in Scotland? Wow... Not a fan of porridge, but it makes good comfort food when you're not feeling well.

    Faisal: Yeah, that too.

  5. We are alternating periods of rain with very hot days. But I will still take it over winter.

  6. The rain helps, I guess... I've not faced severe cold before - but I read in a book once that the Midwest(?) in the US has extreme winters and summers.


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