Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dog Days of July

The heat rolls in waves, marking would be lazy days - for those of us who can be lazy, that is. In a small part of the world, specifically where I exist, hazy days may be something quite usual, but not lazy days. Not at this period in time, anyways.

While I love a good challenging mystery every now and then, the fact that quite a few mysteries decided to drop by together like unexpected relatives passing through your area en route to some other place is a mystery in itself. Questions like 'how?' and 'why the hell?' never seem like good enough questions to get to the rootcause of the problem.

And then, suddenly and unexpectedly the answer reveals itself. It's July. The lousiest month of the year!

Aside: Apparently, July was once known as Quintilis in Latin (source: wikipedia) Imagine using 'Qui' instead of Jul to indicate July in cramped writing spaces. And talking about cramped spaces, my mind is one right now. Hence the deviation from the previous topic. 

Another aside:? Well, turns out, a certain toad that's been missing for 87 years has been rediscovered in Sarawak. Well, the species, actually... not a particular toad. Otherwise, it'll also be the oldest toad ever. I think.


  1. I don't like July either. It's so cold in Sydney at this time of year :-(

  2. As a person who is not too fond of the cold, I sympathise.

  3. Oh crap, they found Ibrahim Ali there? LOL!

  4. LOL. They are waaaay better looking that Ibrahim Katak, though ;)

  5. July I like. It's bitterly cold February that is loaded with utter suckage.

  6. SAW: The only reason I like February is because it is a short month! Ha ha...

    LMC: LOL... You have to, I guess. It's your birthday month :)


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