Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The World is a Stage, and We are all Just a Confused Lot

He turned into a she for awhile (Peer pressure? Quarter life crisis?) And now, he's back to being a he. In fact he's getting engaged in a month or so, to a she.

(Yes, me being back to blogging also means the re-emergence of pointless posts)


  1. Not pointless....just mysterious.

  2. I actually had a patient who did that very thing.

  3. Aiyaaa, now I'm intrigued for the entire story ... hehehe ...

  4. King of Scurf: LOL... it is what it says, actually

    SAW: Oh wow. At least you've probably got some insight into what happened. I dare not ask this person, though....

    Nick: I'm sure you've come across/witnessed the situation... this acquaintance transformed into a very hot girl for a few years before deciding that he's rather be a boy.

  5. just as well he didn't go through with an operation then isn't it?