Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bathroom Stories

What was once a place where men went to for a tinkle was recently converted into a place where women would go for similar reasons. It's situated right next to the original women's bathroom. An observation on the local bathroom habits show that women always prefer going into the original women's bathroom and will only choose the converted one if the original one is occupied. Even more absurd is whilst being in the converted bathroom, you tend to feel that you're living in a reflection (everything is on the opposite side of the original bathroom), and wildly imaginative minds imagine that when you open the door, you will be met with an angry glare from some guy who had to wait for the bathroom!


I slept off while reading yesterday afternoon, and it was a pretty good sleep, until the very end that is, no thanks to an afternoonmare (instead of the more popular nightmare).

My sister and I had apparently gone to the local mall nearby and for some *strange reason had to go to the bathroom there. Now, the bathrooms there (and we have used them before without any problem) are relatively clean (except the ones nearest the cineplex exits for obvious reasons), and all the water pipes are hidden rather well. 

However, for some reason, this bathroom had huge red pipes exposed, red suction hoses hanging around aimlessly and a big hole on the wall at the far right. The lights were dim as well. Under normal circumstances, we would have walked out and practiced bladder control. Just because it was a dream, and we had no control of the outcome, my sister used the nearest cubicle while I reluctantly stood outside keeping watch as the door couldn't be locked. In what seemed like forever, shadowy people walked in and out of the bathroom, and one even had the gall to walk in on the sister despite my protests! 

Suddenly the red suction hoses start swinging, slowly at first and they begin to pick up speed, hitting me in the process. What happens after that is a blur (after all, it was a dream) but all I know is that I was somehow being trapped and attacked by the pipes and some invisible, fear inducing force that I can't escape from. I let out silent screams to no avail, and I subconsciously knew it was a dream, and was trying to force myself to wake up which I couldn't until I told my dream-self to bite my fingers, which as stupid as it sounds, woke me up.

* No one really goes to the mall to go to the bathroom - although the beginning of the dream indicates as such. Mostly you end up going because you've had too much liquid, or were exposed to cold temperatures for too long! 


  1. I was just recently discussing day-mares and how they don't sound nearly as threatening as NIGHTMARE!

  2. Whoa, sounds like a good script for a movie ... hehehe ...

    I've had my fair share of afternoonmares too and some of them had me waking up in fear in the middle of my noon nap!

  3. Orhan: They don't? I think day time stuff are way scarier - based on recent experience, that is.

    Nick: Yeah, they have the tendency to do that...

  4. I've had daymares - they seem very real when you are in them.

  5. Oh yes... they do. I've had dreams the whole week as well, not day ones, but night ones. The funniest one being a friend of mine acting as a guest star on Glee!


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