Thursday, June 02, 2011

Blog: Resurrected

It was in the late 80's. The family would sit together with cups of tea in our hands while watching some old reruns, among them this one show called The Fugitive. As I attempted drafting this post in my head, all directions of what I was about to write here made me sound like I was a fugitive myself - running for or from what, or who am I hiding from, I can't say. 

The thing is, some time ago, I encountered something that made me very, very uncomfortable on this blog (the old url, anyway) that led me to make the drastic action of deactivating it. I sat up from 7 am on a certain Saturday morning and unpublished my posts one by one, and with almost 600 posts written all the way from 2006 till now, I completed the task only four hours later. I then proceeded to hide my blog by making it readable by only myself, and I took off the search engine options.

Despite the sluggish posting and the confession that sharing too much of myself here was detrimental to my well-being, tearing down the blog was the hardest thing to do. I almost immediately wanted to start on something new, as I mentioned here, but I was also torn. Will I still be able to write as I used to? (Not that my past posts were that awesome - rereading some of them while unpublishing the blog made me cringe in disbelief at some of the things I wrote)

Therefore, after some time to cool off, and some time to think, and the sudden urge to wield my pencil again (personally, stuff written in an old diary from 2003 in pencil seem much better than typing them straight out on the post editor), this blog was born. We have a brand new url  and name (although I'm a wee bit concerned about the presumptuous nature of the name of the blog as I discussed with a friend right before this post) and hopefully a renewed enthusiasm to put to print what crosses my mind. 

I hereby present you: Raconteur-esque Scribblings

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