Thursday, June 30, 2011

Breaking The Code....

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Back in 1997, a code found it's way into my hands. Even as the most irregular diarist (ahem!) the world has ever seen back then, the secret contents of the diary was always in danger of being read by curious eyes. Little did I know that many years later, looking at the few (note the emphasis on the word irregular above) coded entries, my enthusiasm in keeping them a secret would be in danger of being a secret forever and ever. To add to the drama, I also recently managed to misplace the entries, find them again, and finally break them, albeit through a wee bit of fingertip magic. 

A friend had asked me on FB if I was okay with her trying to break the code, and so here it is... (mostly because blogspot is a more secret place than FB - in my case, anyway) 

Jai, the code is all yours. :)

And also whoever else who might want to break it.


  1. 19 March 1997
    I am an alien from a far out to conquer this planet.

    24 April 1997
    After a long exhaustive study, it is determined that this planet is really not worth conquering cos of the stupid humans (especially in this country called Malaysia) who rule the planet. Time to go back to my own planet.

    Urmmm ... correct ah my code breaking ... LOL!

    But seriously, you actually wrote in code back then?

  2. OMG. That's hilarious... LOL. Nevertheless, back in 1997, I thought the country was all rosy and the best place to live in. (It still is, with the exception of the people we refer to as our country's leaders)

    I only did 3 entries in code, and in that year, that was all the diary entries I did... (I suspect it took too long, breaking is easier than writing it, I think)

  3. I remember writing a diary in code for a while - but I always had to look up the letters. My older son made up his own code, which he seems to write in fluently.

  4. I suppose the fact that he created the code helps him write in it fluently... I too needed to refer to the code.

  5. Finally I manage to work on it during the faculty meeting yesterday . Let me know if I got it right :)

    We have a new language. Our vecret (secret?) is safe !

    If Anne’s waterloo was
    geometry, then mine is
    moral. Frog face is such a
    p ain, seriously no one
    cares about her old sch.
    Some of us starged crashin
    Pne’s class, n she tak kisah }
    Etc 

  6. Yeah, you broke it. Ha ha... just realised how embarrassing the old diary entries are ;)


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