Sunday, April 11, 2010

A week gone by, stories to tell

Note: This post was written in snatched moments over a week. Finally got to publishing it today. 

The voice in my head is dictating this post out in whispers. I don't know why.

If I could only use one word to describe the previous week and some more, I'd use eventful, because it was. For my standards, anyway, where minutes flit by into hours and then become days that you never knew existed. It may seem a bit odd to want to blog about a week that has passed, but that's the way it is. When I'm free, nothing happens, and when I'm supposed to be doing something else, things I think would be worth blogging about start mushrooming like mushrooms after a thunderstorm. To be totally honest, though... it's been years since I last saw a mushroom after a thunderstorm (probably somewhere in 1996, I think)

1. In momentary madness, I agreed to join the women's netball team at work. The last time I played netball was 18 years ago, and even then I was the keeper, where I stood in front of the net trying to block the shooter from shooting into our net whenever the ball came our way. At other moments, we'd be chatting. 12 year olds seem to have quite a lot of juicy gossiping to do. Now we have about 8 people in the team but no one to play against!

2. I was insulted twice last week alone, first a colleague commented to another colleague (loudly, on the stairs as he was walking behind me) that I look like a guy from the back. Secondly my mom said that my hair is awful (something to do with how I do my hair when I go to work at the moment because it's doing a Morticia Addams on me these days) And just the other day, my sister said I looked like Olive Oyl (also because of my hair and the way I move my limbs!) - Update: I cut my hair! It feels lighter, and I started to look like myself again. Yay!

3. The Importance of Being Ernest has got to be one of the funniest plays around. Go and read it. If you don't have a copy, I have one in PDF - just shoot me an e-mail and I'll send it over (it's already in Public Domain, so I'm not stealing Mr. Wilde's work in any way by redistributing it)

4. Farewell parties are awesome. (posted last week)

5. I got invited to my colleague's one year old son's birthday party, via facebook which I accepted without realising that 'events' on facebook are not necessarily all private. My sister thought it was hilarious because it shows my age, apparently (another insult??) What was amazing though is that I actually managed to find the perfect birthday present for this little kid (one which the moment I saw it, I knew that I'd be getting it) and when I was giving his mom the present at the party, he actually squirmed in his dad's arms to reach out to hold it as well, probably thinking "that's mine, mine! why are you giving it to mommy???". Not bad.


  1. hehe who cares?

    it's our blog and it's us who write our blog and we decide when we wanna write about thing that had happened, is happening and will happen :)

    i, sometimes write about thing that had happen few months ago! :)

  2. The kids gonna be all geeky :p

  3. I love The Importance of Being Earnest - it's hysterically funny

  4. Faisal: Probably no one... but I try my best to keep stuff current.

    Gee: Better geeky than a macha type, me thinks ;)

    nursemyra: Yes, hysterically funny

  5. I have hair issues too would you believe it?

    I get a haircut at the beginning of the month and by the middle it starts looking so thick and horrible that I look like a golliwog! LOL!

  6. I believe you. My hair grows at an alarming rate as well, which is why I always ask the hairdresser to do 'thinning' on my hair.

    The plus side is, if my hair gets too much, I could always pull it up into a ponytail.LOL

  7. It's a game, similar to basketball, but usually played on a grass court and mostly played by women.


  8. You look like a guy!?!? that's awful and the one that stuck out for me most. What an AWFUL thing to say!!!

    This was a week where it was an assault on your self esteem.

  9. I suppose you could say that. Anyway, I wouldn't take much stock of what that guy says, but I'm glad I made him speechless for over a minute when I turned around and asked him how he could say such a thing to me!


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