Friday, April 16, 2010

Of Tree Planting and Going Green

A long time ago, I convinced myself that I loved trees by writing (I was actually coerced to take part in a district level competition by our English teacher) an essay titled "Why I love trees", inspired by the trees swaying in the wind as I sat by the window, looking out at them whilst chewing the end of my pen. It was a huge surprise when I found out some time later that I had actually won the first prize in the category I took part in, and as a result received  a gorgeous book called Tomorrow's Earth by David Bellamy. Being me, I read the book cover to cover many times over, and the trees won me over. I was 12 then.

But enough about the brief history of the shady origins of my love for trees. The fact is, I just found out today from Nick at Anything Goes that you can actually name a tree after your blog, through a tree planting program called "My blog is Carbon Neutral"  and the best part is, the trees are real ones, breathing, transpiring, chlorophyll laden ones! And despite the fact that the tree is going to be planted in Plumas, California, and I am here, it still excites me. I now have a valid reason to visit California if I ever wanted to.

The process is fairly simple, I guess... just do a short write up about the program, e-mail them your link at CO2-neutral(at), and pick a button for your site. Besides having a new post on your blog, you also contribute to the happiness of your blog (after all, which blog wouldn't be proud to have a tree named after them???), and reduce the carbon footprint your blog produces, especially if you have 15,000 visitors a month (I'm nowhere near that, though... I average 400 to 500 visits per month at the moment but still)

carbon neutral coupons with


  1. That's really cool. I'm going to look into that once I'm out of my weekend.

  2. At Centennial Park here in Sydney you can pay for a three year old tree to be planted in someone's name which is what we did for Stephen. It's a Moreton Bay Fig, now about 4 metres high and expected to grow up to 60 metres (200 ft) and live 100 years.

    Much of his sculpture work involved trees so it's a beautiful tribute to him. I LOVE trees too!

  3. saby: Thanks... the tree is in the bag (a sapling, at least), yay!

    SAW: Awesome. They replied my e-mail and stated there a many more saplings available for planting.

    nursemyra: That is really cool. There's nothing more lovable than 100 year old trees. If they could talk, they'd have lovely stories to tell.

  4. That sounds like a very cool program!

  5. Travis: I think so too...

    Aunty: Hehehe... yeah, one more badge to the collection.

  6. eh, based on the email stated by you, it's a german's company?

    i don't know but if i'm not mistaken .de belong to germany.

    anyway, good luck and i know you can do it :)

  7. Plumas is in California? Cool, now I don't have to go Google it ... LOL!

    Thanks for joining :D

  8. Faisal: Yeah, .de is German.

    zewt: Cool, joining then?

    Nick: LOL... I googled it to find out as well. My knowledge of American geography is 0.00% ;)


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