Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh, The Irony!

A little bit of spring cleaning was required on the blog, what with the categories list expanding uncontrollably, and there were some dead blogs as well, killed none other than by their respective owners. Now, while I've managed to clip the list to a sensible length and rearrange it by number of posts instead of the usual alphabetical order, I couldn't help noticing that the most number of posts I have happen to fall into a category I named 'travel' which stands at a mind boggling 34 posts!

Funny, really... because I have only been to 3 other countries outside of Malaysia, and even then only one of it was for a proper vacation. Of course local trips were also categorised as 'travel', but the very thought of travel leading my activities tickles my funny bone so. People might begin to think of me as some airspace happy globetrotter!


  1. yeah...travelling gives us a lot to write about..the experiences, the activities and the fun.
    no spiked the list!

  2. When I take a trip, I usually write several posts about it. There's just so much to share.

  3. Sorcerer, SAW: Yeah, travelling gives you a lot to write about... resulting in multiple posts!

  4. It's a sign...Travel more ;)

  5. Well, travel is travel...whether it's over to the next town or around the world.

  6. I too consolidate my categories so there are only about 6 or seven I think. Otherwise it goes crazy.

  7. Jai: Indeed. :)

    Travis: Yes, it is...

    Ricardo: I haven't done that... I'd go crazy attempting consolidating my categories, I think.


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