Saturday, April 26, 2008


A sucker for memes, and as an effort to blog more often because ideas are scattered all over without being able to form proper posts, I thought it would be nice to 'borrow' this meme which I found over at Trav's Thoughts. Besides, it's got this adorable picture attached to it!

There's only one only get one word.

Yourself: Tired
Your Partner: Mystery
Your Hair: Black
Your Mother: Monica
Your Father: Retired
Your Favorite Item: iPod
Your Dream Last Night: Hmmm
Your Favorite Drink: Coffee!
Your Dream Car: VW
Your Dream Home: Pretty
The Room You Are In: quiet
Your Fear: Failure
Where Do You Want To Be In 10 Years: away
Who You Hung Out With Last: colleagues
What You're Not: grown
Muffins: game
One of Your Wish List Items: iPhone
Time: afternoom
Last Thing You Did: work
What Are You Wearing: uniform
Your Favorite Weather: stormy
Your Favorite Book: pratchett
Last Thing You Ate: chips
Your Mood: Good
Your Best Friends: Awesome
What Are You Thinking About Right Now: answers
Your Car: kancil
Your Summer: hot
What's on your TV: Nothing
What is your weather like: Sunny
When Is the Last Time You Laughed: Always
Your Relationship Status: Soltera


  1. This is a fun meme. I enjoyed your answers!

  2. Yeah it was fun, but much harder than I thought it would be :)

  3. ooh I like this one. Think I'm going to steal it... muwhahahahaha

  4. Cool... I'll go check out your list!

  5. What Are You Thinking About Right Now:

    Well, this one seems almost pointless to ask.

  6. We'd get an obvious answer for that one, unless we're amazing multitaskers


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