Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Somewhere at the back of my mind, lies a distant memory of seeing a movie that goes by a spectacularly whimsical name listed as someone's favourite movie. However, selective memory on the other hand had discreetly deleted how and when the memory came in place.

I just knew I had to catch it when I had the chance, which is what I did last weekend in the wee hours of the morning (Stupid tv station!)

Anyway, besides having a somewhat unconventional story with an interesting cast, what intrigued me most was the idea of erasing something from your memory forever.

As I lay awake after the movie (oh! the regrettable repercussions of mental stimulation!), I was wondering if given the chance to erase anything from my memory, what would it be?

And as I thought and thought (and lost hours of potential sleep in the process) I couldn't think of even one possible item or person I'd like to erase from my memory. If given a chance, would you want to erase any of your memories just so that you could move on?


  1. definitely in my top 5 movies. My favourite thing about the movie is the idea that they would go through it all again, even though they know it won't work out - reaffirming that life is about the process not the end result. hmmm much watch it again myself

  2. There are two things I would erase, but I do try not to dwell on them or let them interfere with my life.

    I like the gray and red on the template.

  3. two things too. both people. both not worth mentioning beyond this.

  4. aunty: I agree. I do love the way the movie was taken.

    travis and silversabre: thanks for sharing

  5. everyone and everything was there for a reason... :)

  6. you can't change who you were without destroying who you are. i have my fair share of bad memories, but i like who i am, so the answer is no.

  7. zewt: I totally agree... I believe that it also prevents us from making similar decisions that may contribute to a whole new series of pain

    cyberfish: "you can't change who you were without destroying who you are" - that's very true...


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