Wednesday, April 23, 2008


If it weren't for the lack (or non-existence) of a certain aspect in my life, I think my story would make a pretty good soap, where in the real world rich 'tai-tais'with nothing better to do will watch while their offspring were having peaceful siestas and lament to each other about how terrible that poor girl on tv's life is.

Now for the latest scoop in the dramatic existence of yours truly... just as it reaches one year and a month since the purchase of the laptop, the ethernet port decides to give way. Now that isn't such a big mystery, seeing that I predicted that sooner or later the port was going to meet an early end because it had some fitting issues which I shall not elaborate on here. The only mystery is why does it happen right after my one year warranty period is over? (Of course the port is not covered by the warranty because I don't think it is made by HP, but still...)

On a different note, my usual pair of glasses that I use for work has mysteriously disappeared. I've been meaning to check my eyes and get a new pair because I think my eyesight has deteriorated and the current pair has (ahem!) run out of fashion, but losing the old pair was never my intention. Thankfully I have an older pair (which is even more outdated, but surprisingly I find myself seeing better with this pair!) that I can still use while I

a)look for the missing pair, and
b) check my eyes and order a new pair...

To end this post on a less dramatic note, I'd love to share something I heard on the radio on the way to work. The 2 deejays were discussing about a python that had coiled itself around a patron at a pet shop (this apparently was in the news) and the pet shop owner had begged the cop who came to the rescue to not kill the python because it was way too expensive! Anyway, the DJ's started discussing about how to escape from the clutches of a python if you ever had one that decided to be overly friendly... (the conversation below are the snippets from what I can remember and does not exactly follow the real conversation)

DJ1: I heard from an aunty that if you made the sound of a goat the python will let you go
DJ2: Don't you need to be a ventriloquist for that?
DJ1: Then you'd need somebody else to make the sound of a goat. What if you're alone?
DJ2: Say 'beeak' and point to the other side

At this point I lost all control and started laughing because there was nothing else I could do.


  1. That's hilarious! Sounds like something that came from a Monty Python sketch...


  2. Sorry about your computer issues.

    That's a funny story about the python.

  3. ian: I'm glad you think it's funny as well. I keep laughing to myself each time I think of that conversation.

    travis: hehehe... technology has always been a bit of a pain for me. Anyway, I'm glad you thought the python story was funny :)

  4. hehe

    sorry about the lappy top. that sucks royally.


  5. You sure do handle the harder moments with a stern smile. Good effort. Do hope you find your new pair of glasses soon.

  6. SS: Yeah, it sucks... I need to get a new port asap :)

    Orhan: Lol! I try my best. :)

  7. I so need new glasses myself. For the last 2 months I've been meaning to get new glasses as I slowly get blinder and blinder.

    I think you're electronic problems are murphy's law in action in Malasia!

  8. Truly, it's a bother to go get the eyes checked, and then to decide which frames look the best. Mine's been pending for two months as well.


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