Saturday, March 08, 2008


Time ceased moving as it should. Instead of a steady pace, it dashed through our lives (mine and a few others) as though it was preparing for a 100-metre dash. Under normal circumstances it wouldn't be such a big issue seeing that the 100-metre record is 9.74 seconds. But this time around it seemed like time was intent on keeping it (the 100 metre dash) in a never-ending loop, thus a weeks worth of time had disappeared into oblivion!
Besides that, it was a strange week at best. Signs of illness bore down lightly, but never stayed put (Once again I lament about the wonderful antibodies which keep me healthy. What the?) I just wish those virus/bacterium would make up their minds to either completely infect Terra or just bloody well leave her alone! What's with the half baked effort, huh?

(Aside: When I was a kid about 6 or 7, I used to think that the word 'bloody' was spelled as 'blady'. Now I realise that this was mainly caused by the fact that words like 'bloody hell' could only be used by adults - at least that was how it was in my family (double standards to the max!) and I doubted that any word derived from 'blood' and added with a 'y' could produce the effect of getting glares from the parents back then)
Anyway, in about an hour or so, I officially turn 28. Eek! It's scary, I tell ya! But for now, on this Saturday afternoon I'm spending my last few minutes being 27 by blogging like how I usually like to do. I had a plan for a birthday post on its own earlier, but me thinks it needs a raincheck. I also happen to share my birthday with International Women's Day. Today, droves of unhappy folks will be out voting, me being one of them. I have a presentiment that the results are gonna be interesting.
On another note (and this time I will be intruding the 1st week of March, though), I met up with an old primary school mate of mine (we haven't seen or heard from each other for the past 17 years) over lunch last Saturday. How cool is that?


  1. Happy Birthday, Terra! I hope it is truly epic.


  2. Happy birthday! And many happy returns

  3. Ian: Thank you. It was epic, but not exactly in a birthday sort of way...

    Travis: Thank you :)

    Aunty: Thank you :)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Terra...:) Thanks for dropping by:)

  5. vivek: thanks.. :)

    SS: Thank you.. :)

  6. And another happy birthday to you, a week too late.

    .. or just bloody well leave her alone!

    You sound like an Aussie :)


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