Saturday, March 29, 2008


Despite the fact that you may be quite self sufficient in making life interesting, it's always a good idea to have a backup plan of making it all a bit more interesting, because you never know when you might need it... So here goes Tip no 1:

Try to say something outlandish from time to time. It makes good conversation, and even if it doesn't, the baffled expression on your victim(s) is well worth it. Take this case for instance, my friends and I were at a friend's wedding (Indian style) last year, and for some reason (which I shall not reveal here) we found ourselves very near the dais (usually we tend to gather at the back and use it as an excuse to catch up with each other) and I observed that:

a) The groom and best man go up the stage, and do whatever the priest asks them to, and then disappear backstage (to change into the proper wedding attire?)
b) This is then followed by the bride and her bridesmaid doing whatever the priest asks them to, and then its off to the changing room for a quick change into the wedding saree.
c) Then the bride and groom come together for the 3rd part of the ceremony

I've seen this done many times before, but this time I decided to allow my mouth to open first before thinking, and said to my friend with utmost casualness...

Me: Don't you think it's more convenient if they got the bride and the bridesmaid up first before the groom so that she'll have more time to change into her wedding saree later?
Friend: You want them to change tradition for convenience?
Me: Ummm... why not?

In my defence, I'd say it's because tying a saree can take very long. But, just as I thought... the surprised look on her face was well worth it!

May be continued if any new idea surfaces...


  1. Hehehehehehe!

    Changing tradition to suit convenience. I like that idea!

  2. haha..nice post:)
    tying dhoti is definitely lot faster than saree + jewelleries + make up..

    You should make the difference in your wedding ler:p hehe

  3. travis: we could call it the 'modern tradition' :)

    vivek: so you agree with me that the women need more time to get ready? That's cool... who knows, I might suggest it if and when the time comes?

  4. Of course I agree..I have got 9 sisters. Imagine the situation I am in if I were to bring them out for any functions. They take approximately 3hours to get ready minus the time taken for the saree preparations and shopping.. really admire the patience u gals have in getting dressed..phew..hehe

  5. 9 sisters... wow! Yeah, it takes quite long to get the saree tying right... hehehe, they should have those instant sarees (where all the pleats are done) like they have for children!

  6. Instant saree?? sure or not??:p
    As i see, gals enjoy taking long hours in tying the saree..never heard them complaining bout the hours:D

  7. Actually I don't... the faster, the better... seriously. Time is too precious :)


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