Saturday, March 22, 2008


When your so called secret identity is no more a secret and the original purpose of your blog is not applicable anymore, the next best thing to dumping it into the dustbin (that will be tragic, by the way) is to give it a new identity and a new name...

Therefore, I introduce to you the new name of this blog: UNFINISHED BUSINESS PART 2, because Unfinished Business (Part 1 doesn't come along with it, but that's how it may be referred to, if you like) will be still around, although probably not as much as it would like to be.

Of course the content is most probably going to remain along the same lines (because I haven't changed in the least bit - except that I may have adopted a more morose persona, but then, that's inevitable)


  1. It's a long story Vivek. And an old one as well... I can't remember the exact reason why I wanted to keep this a secret, though...

  2. Its ok..Long story all tak sempat write here:)
    Does your name as connection with your blog url??:) just curious..hehe

  3. Yes, as a matter of fact, it does.

  4. Sorry to hear your secret identity has been revealed Batgirl. Better luck this time around ;)

  5. I believe I'm just paranoid. Anyway, I'm still keeping the name, just changed the name of the blog, and will direct some personal friends over here as well. Hence the name change (they might assume that I'm paranoid, but I don't intend to validate that)

  6. Well, I'm sorry to see that you're going to be more morose. I guess I'll have to try harder to keep ya cheered up, so here's a silly joke.

    Three guys walked into a'd think the second two would have had the sense to duck.


  7. well they say a change is as good as a rest... I don't believe them, but i guess it's better than no change and no rest. happy blogging

  8. ian: That's very kind of you. Jokes are always welcome :)

    ss: you do? I'm touched... noticed that you haven't updated lately...

    aunty: a change can be permanent, whereas a rest is sort of temporary... (hmmmm...) Happy blogging to you as well. (noticed that you've been quiet lately)


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