Sunday, September 16, 2007


Within reach was a site that offered movies, a sister who recommended a great movie, Vista behaving itself, and some spare time.
Set in 1967, long before I saw daylight and based on a book written by Charles Webb, we see a clueless young man, Benjamin, who had just recently graduated from college, played perfectly by Dustin Hoffman. For the viewer, his friends only seem to be his parents friends, and he doesn't seem very excited to see them or have proper conversations with them at a party which was organised for him. He then gets cornered by a Mrs. Robinson played by Anne Bancroft, an stylish woman with class who seduces him. Or so he thinks.
The dialogue is witty throughout the movie, but not in a trying too hard way. The actors are all really good, and they seem to just be the characters. One memorable scene is at the hotel, where he's actually planning to have an affair with Mrs Robinson...
Hotel clerk: Are you here for an affair, sir?
Benjamin:??? (Guilty look flashes across his face)
He then proceeds to book a room, gets a single room, and signs himself under an assumed name. Then he calls Mrs Robinson, explains to her about the hotel clerk being suspicious, thanks her for doing this for him and asks her to come up to the room 5 minutes later.

Now Mrs Robinson is one of the best characters I've ever seen. Not only is she gorgeous, her crisp clear voice makes anyone who listens to her obey her at once. She domineers Benjamin in a way that is extremely hilarious - not in a slapstick way, of course. On the other hand, Benjamin is clueless, lacks ambition, and plans to not have any plans.
Things take a terrible turn when he is forced to take the Robinson's daughter on a date and proceeds to fall in love with her.
The soundtrack of the movie consists mainly of music by Simon & Garfunkel. Three main songs are played throughout the movie, whenever the characters are not really talking to show the passage of time. Tunes like Sound of Silence, Mrs Robinson and Scarborough Fair are intermittently scattered throughout the movie. Personally I never knew that the Sound of Silence was that old.
All in all, the movie is wonderfully enjoyable, and the final scene is one that you're never likely to forget in a hurry!


  1. Whenever I think of The Graduate, I always think of Animal House and those thoughts (and laughs) about Animal House overrule the thoughts of The Graduate, and all I think about is watching Animal House. You should watch Animal House - then you too, may just associate The Graduate with Animal House and laugh each time that you do.

  2. ian: Yeah, one word... :D

    beerspitnight: Okay... I don't think I've watched Animal House... (not much of a movie person) but your comment has piqued my interest :)

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Never watch this one before. Sounds interesting. I might go looking for it. :)

  4. I have actually never seen this movie, although Anne Bancroft is one of my favorite actors.

  5. I will have to check it out sometime :)

  6. cibol: thanks for dropping by too. It's a fun movie :)

    travis: Anne Bancroft was awesome. :)

    orhan: yeah, do... when you get the chance.


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