Wednesday, September 12, 2007


It was strange waking up today to the annoying alarm.

I have been having a few dreams the last few days, and they all seem to be interconnected, like chapters in a book that you take your time to read. It's filled with characters from my real life that don't know each other, but the places we go to are sometimes familiar, and at other times seem to be a combination of several places.

In this particular dream, I was with a colleague of mine, and apparently it was Thursday (in real life , I would be waking up to Wednesday) and it was also the day for sports... (We're supposed to pick our favourite sport, and after work at 5:30, we head out to the fields and play) and I was wondering how come I was not aware of this new fun idea. (Once again, in reality this is simply impossible!)

Anyway, this colleague and I were in a stationary car, and I was looking at this tree which fell down across a hill which looked like the hill where our training centre was when I went down to S'pore a few months back. (At this point, the colleague moved away from view)

Some time later, a lanky guy (whom I've never seen before in real life, but was someone I knew in the dream as an essay writing competition winner - we took part in a competition a few days before that) moved forward, and stopped where I was, I pretended to sleep, but he still hung around, and I said "The tree fell down" and pointed towards the tree. He moved closer and we started talking through the window. Weird!

And then, suddenly while we were talking he holds my hand and I suddenly felt all warm and fuzzy (I am seriously blushing as I'm typing this out) Hmmm... looks like I've met the guy of my dreams through a dream! Ha! Ha! But then, there's suddenly a lot of noise, and he says he has to go... there's a parade going on the road we were on, and as he left, his hand fell off at the wrist. I looked at the hand which was still in mine in horror, and realised that it was like a glove and could not possibly be his real hand.


  1. That's pretty strange. I wonder what it all means?

    I almost never remember my dreams. The few I have are disturbing enough that I expect it's a defense mechanism to not remember them.


  2. maybe u can look forward to meeting this guy in real life now...?

  3. Spooky. Isn't it funny how a dream can make perfect sense while you're dreaming it, and then seem totally peculiar when you tell it?

  4. lol, i dare someone try interpret that!
    They'll most likely say something like you r dream means you need to eat more veggies!

  5. ian: I suppose we're not really meant to remember our dreams, but some of the weird ones I've had seem to be good stuff for short stories :)

    zewt: we never know... maybe I should keep my eyes open for him... if I can still remember how he looked in the dream :D

    travis: I agree... dreams are made of strange stuff, but they can be fun at the same time :)

    kartik: more veggies huh? I guess my subconscious was trying to tell me to get a grip on my sweet tooth (recent stress led me to gorging on chocolates!)


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