Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Hehehe... this story was funny when it first happened, which was somewhere around last Thursday, technically the last day of the month (31st was a public holiday) and of course everyone was running around because it was the last day, etc

There's a whole new meaning to the wild goose chase.
Imagine a stationary item,... a whole bunch of people are on the lookout for the said item. Besides, it's like 200kgs which is more or less 440 pounds of liquid weight. It can't just vanish like that without a trace, but that's what seemed to have happened.

We covered the 3 storeys in turns, pausing at every container looking for the elusive one. We searched the waste disposal area, if some smart aleck had decided to chuck it there. 6 people and no results. The sad part is that it takes about 3 days to make the item we were looking for. 3 long days and plenty of hassle. Nothing is easy.... yeah.
In the end, the last person to handle the item was called. He was asked a few questions and was requested to look for the item. Within 1/2 an hour, he found it. Hidden under a pile of other containers. He found it because he recognised how it looked. Some paint splatters or stuff like that. In the end we were all ecstatic, albeit feeling silly that no one had found it earlier!


  1. I used to work with a woman, who would lose important items (although nothing as big as your container) and then get in a huge panic about them and have everyone who works in the company, except the CEO, looking for it. It invariably turned up several hours later in her office (where she refused to allow anyone to look, on the grounds that she had thoroughly searched it).. she also used to remove items from other people's desk and randomly leave them elsewhere - she was the most counter-productive employee ever, when she went on holidays we always got more work done... I think she may have moved to your workplace!!!!

  2. Oh wow... what a small world. The person I currently work for is exactly the same. Documents, samples, etc go missing for days only to be found among his things... but when he 'borrows' your stuff, he tells you about it if he sees you before the day ends. This is so funny.... :D

  3. When I was working with my stepdad building the screen for my balcony, we had 3 cordless drills and hammers and other tools and nails and screws. We were working in a small space, so you'd think we'd be organized.

    Every time we reached for a tool, it seemed to be in a different place than where we thought we'd set it down. Both of us are usually very careful about that, but for some reason we just kept putting the tools in inconvenient places.


  4. At least 5 times a day I lose something in my classroom. Like the stapler, the door-stop, my pen, my laptop - stuff like that. I found that calling out for the item usually speeds up the locating of it. For example, when I can't find the stapler, I call out "STAPLER" and usually it is found within 30 seconds. Then again, when I call out 30 sets of eyes start searching for the misplaced item.
    -I think they just find my callings annoying and in order to stop my annoyance they feverishly search for the item. You might want to try that tactic next time something goes missing. Just get on the PA system and start yelling the name of the missing item into the mic. Your co-workers will be so annoyed that they too will search for the missing item just to get you to shut the hell up.

  5. Yikes! I hate it when this happens! You lose something and you just spent your entire time looking for it and not find it in the end!!! HATE IT!!! haha!


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