Saturday, September 29, 2007


Growing up in the 80’s I was constantly exposed to music of that era, especially when I hung out at grandma’s. It was fun while it lasted, but then life dictated that school was a must, and well music took a backseat while I concentrated on adding and subtracting, synonyms, homonyms and antonyms, as well as trying to figure out which countries had earthquakes and why, or how photosynthesis occurred.

It was when I was in my teens where I got reacquainted with music, but this time it was even better, because I had information about the titles as well as the artistes.

Recently, a relatively new singer came up with a new song, which actually wasn’t entirely new. In fact, she sampled the intro from Africa by Toto, which coincidentally happens to be one of my favourite songs ever.

Had she only covered the song, it wouldn’t have been half as bad, but she took the liberty to include her own mushy lyrics while poor old Toto sang in the background. Ugh! And she’s not the first, either… some time back, another singer had the gall to sample “The Lonely Goatherd” from The Sound of Music. 

If Video Killed the Radio Star, then Sampling surely killed the Classics (used very loosely and may not be similar to everyone else's definition of classics)

PS: No offense intended to the fans of the (vaguely) mentioned singers


  1. And the sad thing is, it really isn't hard to write an ORIGINAL catchy riff that people will like and then put your lyrics around that riff.

    Snow Patrol did it with only two notes in "Chasing Cars," and that's one of my absolute favorite songs.

    I hate sampling.


  2. god I love Video Killed the Radio Star..

    Yes sampling can be a terrible thing. But sometimes it works - rarely enough I'll grant you. I believe whoever owns the copyright has to agree to being sampled. Toto are probably a bit short of cash at the moment.

    back to the buggles "... I heard you on the wireless back in 62... dododo.... " now that is going to be in my head for the rest of the day!

  3. Sampling is not one of my favorite things either. I can be put to clever uses, but that is rare.

  4. Gotta love the hating of un-originality, especially when it comes to music. Damn them and their uninspired wailings.

  5. ian: I agree. Chasing Cars is an amazing song :)

    aunty: hehehe... I love that song too :)
    Actually, I was thinking about what Toto might have thought when they heard it. But I guess they must not have minded it as much

    travis: agreed. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if the original was never really a favourite tune

    beerspitnight: yeah... :)

  6. I hate cover versions.

    I mean p.diddy (puff daddy?) Wrecked Every breath you take. Cher Killed Walking in Memphis.

    Oh, I got your invite m'dear (so flattered :) :) ) And I will accept, but right now I'm at a client that blocks that particular site :(

    Sigh, I hate restrictions.

  7. Hi Terra,
    ...and Ian's here too! :-)
    You and your endearing secret tales. *still smiling*
    with love

  8. silversabre: Yeah, I remember diddy's version... but never heard cher's walking in memphis though. Well sooner or later some people will run out of ideas when all the tunes in the world have been used - then I guess it will all be sampling and covers from then on - shudder :D

    PS: I hate restrictions too

    Suzan: Hi... actually, I initially found your original site (writing passions) via Ian's blog :)


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