Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Is there a reason to not worry when you read things like this

Registering yourself as a blogger describes the idea of having your freedom curbed, your every move monitored... It's an assault on your existence as a person who has been bestowed with the ability to think (rationally or otherwise)

If a different country wants to do it, then let it be. Why emulate it? If you look at their history, communism was part of their not so distant past. We instead have fought tooth and nail against it, lived in general fear during the emergency years, not allowed a movie about an old communist 'hero' to be screened here, yet when it comes to freedom, we are sometimes treated like 5 year olds. And you can't force people to be responsible.

I believe that people, regardless of who they are will be able to make conclusions for themselves based on what they read. Introducing this move is akin to telling off the lady at the end of the street to register herself as an official gossiper!


  1. I totally agree.. Malaysia claims to be a democratic country but is it really? We can think for ourselves for crying out loud. Who do they think we are? little kids? Ironical sometimes! >.<

  2. The thought behind it seems reasonable, but trying to impose restrictions on writing blogs is a bad idea.

  3. Maryam in Marrakesh06/12/2006, 21:50

    Ridiculous and scary. And let's hope that the US doesn't follow the Patriot Act with something like this...

  4. Princess: You know what? I don't think they'll actually do it...

    lizza: I know... it quite makes sense after all the lies and stuff, but I'm sure some people do it in jest. Besides, I highlighted this issue because I was feeling rebellious :D

    maryam: scary it is... Imagine if I wanted to joke about something that happened in the country, and then I get sent to prison for a tad bit exaggeration.

  5. I don't see this happening in the US. Sure, take away our stem cell research and involve us in a war not of our choosing, but interfere with our blogs? We'll be VERY upset.

    Seriously, it'll give us something to blog about for weeks on end.


  6. It most probably won't happen in the US. I hope it doesn't happen here too....

    But seriously, I'm quite surprised that I haven't seen other fellow countrymen and women blogging about it.

  7. Hmm..reminds me of June this year when the Directorate of Telecom here in India asked ISPs to block certain sites on blogspot. The ended up blocking out all of blogger & geocities!

  8. Yeah, I remember... that's how pkblogs came into use, I guess.

    Is registering yourself as bad as being banned totally I'm not sure, but I know for a fact that if I were to reveal my true self, then having this blog beats the purpose :)


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