Friday, December 15, 2006


Some time back, I recall a fellow blogger friend who one of the first few to convert to beta mention that she couldn't log into her account to post comments into non-beta blogger's pages.

Now, I find myself facing the same problem... only it's the other way round. Due to my unexplainable stubborness in refusing to change to Beta, me and my blog have been relegated to the status of second class blognetizens. Bloody hell...

I can't post comments on my beta blogger friends blogs in one try. It takes at least 3 attempts, and that is if I label myself as 'other' or 'anonymous'. Sometimes, I give up due to sheer frustration in attempting to leave a sign that I have visited.

Other non-beta bloggerfriends have mentioned similar thoughts on this subject: Prometheus and Yaxlich.

I'm afraid, that blogger has finally figured out a tactic to not woo non-beta bloggers but to coerce them into joining this society where if things go wrong, then too bad! Ha! Ha! And then when there a minuscle number of non-beta bloggers left, they will just eliminate the whole non-beta thing and then one day when we wake up andfeel the urge to post something on our blogs we will be cruelly informed that due to the poor response non-beta blogger is having, they have decided to scrap the idea of having beta and non-beta versions!

See, they have a secret agenda.


  1. Hey, I have the same problem, too! I couldn't log on as usual to post comment on some of my Beta-ed friends' blogs, so I often have to do it another way - via `Other'.

    And yet, I still refuse to budge from my old-fashioned ways :-)

  2. I refuse to make the change as well. Fight the power!


  3. I know its so annoying. I've had difficulty posting comments since I switched to beta. I feel bitter about being pushed into this whole beta thing.

  4. Oh Booger has made its last boo boo. Prometheus has half-switched to Wordpress.

  5. pugly: it's tiresome, really. glad to hear that there are at least a few of us who haven't succumbed to the pressure yet :)

    ian: yeah... we shall fight the power even if we're the last few ones standing

    aunty: I agree, first they try to fool us when we log in, and then now they reject well thought comments! Evil blogger!

    prometheus: hope all turns out well at wordpress...

    Aside - Blogger I hope you've read the comments above and regret your devious scheming ways!

  6. Hey, looks like Blogger chickened out. It is letting Prometheus post as himself on Beta-ed blogs too!

  7. I've lost at least a dozen or so comments. It's very frustrating, and I know it costs nothing to take advantage of the service, but it's very cumbersome posting and reposting and reposting comments.

  8. prometheus: I noticed the same thing too. lets hope they keep it this way... I'm hopeless in HTML, and moving will definitely kill my blogging experience

    gem: Same here... well, maybe they'll smoothen things out soon.
    (Can't believe I'm being nice to Blogger!)


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