Thursday, December 28, 2006


If life were a book, then then the years that pass would be the chapters that allow the words to flow seamlessly and reveal stories that people enjoy so much.

But years don't do that, do they?

It felt just like yesterday I was welcoming 206 with open arms, in smiles after a moderately pleasant 2005. It offered promises of being a good year, as most new things do. Besides, beinga year older meant being a year wiser.

It has become a custom NOT to make any New Years resolutions, especially in the last ten years or so. Anyway, it's a fact that when 31st December sweeps by, bowing on it's way out, we sit down and ruminate in regret for not going through all those (usually ridiculous) goals we set for ourselves. I didn't make any resolutions the previous year, and I've made up my mind to not make any for the coming year too!

2006 brought along a whole bunch of joys and sorrows. Topsy turvy and turbulent as far as years go. Time sped by, leaving snails behind, lagging whilst looking for a comfortable place. Those that moved with the times might have found themselves being dragged unwillingly along the way. Just going with the flow that was neither smooth nor comfortable.

Among things that bore any significance in my existence in this corner of the planet include the fantastic trip to Bali I had somewhere in mid-April, learning a new language that I was teribble in, and most probably will never be able to master perfectly, and meeting my very first fender bender.

2006 was littered with many instances that made you wonder if you were really ridiculously unlucky. Those instances dropped like hailstones crashing in on a warm sunny day and tore the once promising looking 2006 into tiny shreds of misery that twisted into knots that tied you so tight that you felt that if you attempted escape, you'd be hurt even more that it's better to stay still and allow the year to take complete control of your life. But then again, occasionally some nice things would happen, and there'd be something sweet and nice and memorable that makes you think of 2006 with a smile.

If it didn't sound so silly, I'd say that 2006 had something personal against me and whoever else who might have been on the receiving end of neverending misery.

Is there a reason to detest 2006, I find myself asking... I suppose I should, or could, but I don't. Maybe there's a small amount of animosity, but that's about it.

I've always had an unexplainable fear of time passing by too quickly, becaus it means that another year would be over before you know it, and everything still remains the same (I still adamantly disapprove of resolutions!)But for once I'm glad that a particular year is coming to a close. That 2006 is going to be over. I tell myself that next year will be better.

2007 here I come!


  1. LOL, nicely written, you actually made me think about how i spent my year, although i spent a major portion of it doing nothing i think i'm still going to miss 2006.

  2. Wise words.

    I sure can't wait until 2007!

  3. No resolutions? Fret not. I've got plenty to go around :-)

    Happy New Year!

  4. I agree. Your post made me want to take stock of 2006. I think I must do that.

    Now ignore my bit about New Year's resolutions on my blog but I do need your advice on something. So come visit when you have a chance.

  5. Good post, very heartfelt. I hope 2007 turns out much better for you. Happy New Year!

  6. Here's to a brand new year with new challenges that you will certainly overcome! See you on the far side of the date line!


  7. kartik: thanks... I might actually miss it too!

    thethinker: i have a feeling it's gonna be a great year!

    pugly: Happy new year!

    maryam: it's nice to look back from this end, right? I'll drop by your blog...

    lizza: thanks... Happy New Year!

    ian: alright... happy new year !

  8. Oh, the time is passing by way too fast!
    2006 went so fast, I can hardly catch my breath! It feels like it was just yesterday, that 2006 was the blank page full of promisses, and now we are on the new page - so Happy New Year, in which not everything will remain the same, but things will get better and better!

  9. Wish you a Happy New Year, Terra. I've had my hands full and I haven't found the time to blog lately. The new year has begun on a good note!


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