Friday, December 01, 2006


1. Find November
2. Add a dash of self induced insomnia
3. Sign up for a competition with stringent time constraints
4. Sit for an exam in a foreign language
5. Study the said language
6. Apply for leave (2 days) to study said language
7. Go to work and stay there for 12 hours
8. Work on Saturdays too
9. Ensure that everything is urgent, if it's not, make sure that machines break down so that sooner or later it will be urgent.
10. Work with a colleague who has just handed in his resignation and is doing his involuntary notice period.
11. Your other level headed colleague is out of the country
12. Neglect your blog and concentrate on other things (read: work/competition/exam)
13. Worry about everything that usually doesn't worry you
14. You find out that your favourite band loses a team member (The bright side is, he's still alive, so chances for a regrouping will be there)
15. Make sure that everything clashes with everything
16. Encourage your car to make funny noises
17. Yell at people, be grumpy
18. Throw in a million distractions
19. Do more paperwork, draw graphs that make no sense
20. Write fiction till you hate your characters, and then give up after you've passed the 30,000 word mark

Mix all of the ingredients into a bowl. Something about the size of yourself will suffice.
Let it simmer slowly for one whole month. Be careful not to let it get too hot, for no deaths should occur.
At the end of the month, look into a mirror and laugh out loud
You may or may not feel better, but you will realise that November has finally come to an end.
If you're brave enough, maybe you could jump into the nearest ocean/river/drain to forget about November.
There you have it, all the ingredients to make a disasterous November... Next year I'm gonna obliterate November by sleeping through it, unless I get brutally woken up by reality (I wish!) Got to remember to make an appointment with an evil fairy godmother!
PS: OK, I must have mentioned this like a thousand times to anyone who would listen, but yeah, the Japanese exam is on 3rd December. Yes, that's barely 2 days away, and here I am, distractedly blogging .

Please wish me luck... I am actually dead scared :)
Thank you...


  1. I hope the next Novembers to come won't be as horrid for you! Good luck with the exam, you can do it.

  2. Oooh.. where are u learning ur Japanese? i wanna learn it too..

    Good luck! 2 more days away! 1 actually! =)

  3. Maryam in Marrakesh02/12/2006, 01:48

    Oh my, this recipe is nothing short of BRILLIANT. Any chance I can read what you wrote for the novel? You are really very good.

    And you will be brilliant in Japanese (so, so impressed. Oh my).

  4. Terra, I hope your December is better than your November. If it makes you feel any better, my November was pretty crummy, too. But yours was ultra-crummy!Here, I'll help you study your Japanese. Instead of goodbye, I'll say sayaonara.

  5. Good luck with your exam. I'm sure you'll be fine, but look at it this way if you're ever kidnapped by anime loving vigilantes and you need to negotiate your way out of it in Japanese, you'll be applying the knowledge you have learnt and it won't matter if you have passed the exam or not. Unless they insist on seeing your certificate... then your screwed, but you could lie and say "I left it at home/in my friends house/ at the police station"... maybe practise those phrases!

    Also did you ever get your hands on the darkness' second album in the end?

  6. Yes... November does suck but... it IS over so rejoice, rejoice and be glad!

    December means to me... No school for two weeks, visiting dying relatives, NO MORE COLLEGE APPS, more reading, more relaxing only so many mental breakdowns... it is a good month indeed.

    What does December mean to you?

    (I just realized it does sound like a meme thing... do it if you feel like it)

  7. Hang in there, Terra. The fact that you wrote as much as you did speaks volumes of your dedication - lots of folks sign up for nano and don't write a single sentence. Joiners. You took it seriously, and I have great respect for you because of it.

    You'll do just fine, and December holds promise for lots of better things.


  8. lizza: Yeah, I hope so too, unless I get to meet the evil fairy god mother who will curse me to sleep :D

    princess: it's organised by my company, we have a teacher from ICLS (inter cultural language school) who gives us lessons twice a week. It's fun, but exams are a bore

    maryam: yeah, the novel's link is at the bottom of my sidebar, but it's rather incomplete. Thank you for the compliments (blushing)

  9. gem: i hope so too... It's quite promising considering the two long weekends this December :)

    aunty: Thanks... I can't believe it's over though :D As for the latest darkness album, I haven't looked everywhere yet... so at the moment it's still not in my hands yet

    alethegoodsoul: yup... I'm rejoicing, albeit quietly... we don't want the others to know that we're feeling good or else they may throw a worry or two our way...

    ian: thanks... Yes! December will be a kind month to all of us :D

  10. Sssoooo ... how was the exam?

  11. well if you can't get your hands on it after searching send me an email: auntyhelpfuldictator AT and I may be able to help you out!

  12. Good luck (I think I'm a little late). Japanese is... wow. I wouldn't have enough patience for that. I can barely grasp English.

  13. pugly: I'm not really sure... all I remember is 'hentaming' alot. Than goodness it was all objective.

    aunty: Thanks...

    thethinker: thanks... this might be the last language I plan to learn which doesn't use the romanised script :)


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