Wednesday, November 29, 2006


After 3/4 of a month of word crunching, ugly elbows, unkempt hair, mad coffee and ice cream intake, I bow in defeat to this thing called time.

I don't know where it went, or how I suddenly got here although I swear that it was only 15 November a few days back.

Even if I sat or stood and typed and typed till tomorrow, the 18000 words I'm after is too far away... (I just sprained my side trying to reach for those words)

I hate to admit defeat so soon, but I've preservered, lied to myself, sabotaged my characters, sabotaged my story, not to mention hated my self and life so many times this month.

It's finally over.

My NaNoNovel Epitaph

The nights you kept me awake,
Seeking all my attention,
You shared my coffee and cake,
And caused a whole lot of tension.

Yet I cared for you,
In ways no one understood,
There were moments when I was blue,
Yet you never went unnurtured.

Then the day came,
It was so not expected,
Some may say that it's lame,
But I was totally afflicted.

In a matter of days,
Your health dwindled,
Life was falling to pieces,
In death, we got divided.


  1. Hehe, the epitaph is still pretty good though!

  2. Maryam in Marrakesh30/11/2006, 08:34

    No kidding! Screw the novel and pledge us a poem a week.

  3. kartik: thanks, dude :)

    maryam: i'll take that as a compliment, thanks :)

  4. You know, terra, I didn't hit 50,000 either, but I feel good about a new start on a new novel that has real possibilities. So, don't be hard on yourself. Look what you started. I know you are very committed to always doing your best, but writing fiction is hard to do well (I kept editing myself). Harder than blogging. Maybe 22,000 was the best you and all your resources, mind, body, biorhythms could do this month.

  5. Hmmm...I'm sorry that you gave up. Maybe after a little more time passes, you will want to resume the novel, for you own sense of accomplishment.

    At least, I hope you do.

  6. Hahaha ... don't blame you, I only reached 10K+ this year - & it hasn't moved any further since!

    No worries, there's always next year. Hey, what matters is at least you've tried :-)

  7. gem: yeah, looking on the bright side, at least there was an attempt to start the novel... plus, there's always next year :)

    sammyray: I'm sorry I gave up too, but the circumstances were such. And, yes, I do plan to get it done, my in my own time, and not in the madness of busy November which has finally ended. Thanks for dropping by :)

    pugly: looks like we're in the same boat... but it was fun while I was in the game. And as you said, there's always next year :)


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