Saturday, November 25, 2006


I have been recently tagged by Princess Shin to do a tag about 5 things.

Based on observation in other blogs though, I noticed that the 5 things can be anything, some folks did 5 things you never knew about me, or 5 things I want to do, etc...

I have decided to go by 5 things I want to do before I die.

1. Bungee Jump in Australia

It was definitely a long time ago when I first saw someone do the bungee jump (on tv, obviously) and it was done somewhere in Australia. Since then I've been hankering over bungee jumping, but since I've never stepped into Australia it all remains a wish.

Anyway, the other day, I had to climb up a 10 ft tank to take some pictures (all in a day's work) and as I stood on top of it, I looked down and felt a wee bit queasy. This tank, however is only 10 feet above the ground, and if I fell down, I might have just broken a bone or two... Not too bad, eh?

But I'm not deterred. Australia, here I come! (When I can get leave long enough to travel!)

2. Rocking with The Darkness

I was reading while lying on my back on the floor one day after work when I heard the most magnificent guitar riffs from the tv. I turned instantly and watched the tv upside down to catch the name of the band. They changed my life forever. They are known as the Darkness.

However, what irks me is the fact that their songs rarely get played here, even on the radio. The morons in charge of music selection here are truly morons. They only picked one song out of their whole album (permission to land) for airplay, and it was the ballad! What's wrong with those people?

Of course there's nothing wrong with ballads, but these guys have got plenty of other interesting songs too!

Anyway, I was lucky enough to get hold of the album... It was a chase from one music outlet to another, one shop only had the cassette, and another had only 2 cd's.

Their new album, however, (One way ticket to hell and back) by the way, which is not so new anymore, has yet to see the Malaysian sun (at least in the stores I've visited)

I need to go to their concert, by hook or by crook, even if doesn't happen today, it must happen before I die.

3. Learn to dance

All this while I've always dreaded dances, especially choreagraphed ones. For some unknown reason, I can never remember the steps properly, and I can't stop laughing while dancing (I've been part of small forced to perform groups, sadly)

This has to end. I would like to learn a proper dance... anything doesn't matter, salsa, tapdance, two step, tango, whatever (please be reminded that I'm only churning out names of dances that I've heard of, but I don't necessarily know their routine and steps)

4. Words that create an impact

I admit, I want to write a book someday. And not just any ordinary book. It has to have a great impact on the reader like what 'To Kill a Mockingbird' had on me, where I can read it again and again and still find each page as exciting as the first time I read it, or how wonderful the book "The Catcher in the Rye' is that I truly wish that Holden Caulfield was real and I could have an interesting conversation with him.

5. Act

A long time ago, when I was about 11, my English teacher threatened me into writing a play for our class to perform at school. The topic we chose was truancy, and it was a tremendous success as the teachers unanimously decided to pick it for the end of the year performance.

Not only was I forced to write it, I was also forced to act in it. I had to act as the teacher in the story. (Honestly, I really do wish that I had the script to put it up here, but too bad I don't!)

It was cool, because when we performed the play for the end of the year performance, we actually used Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby, and some of my schoolmates who were supposed to be the truant kids rapped and danced to the song.

The last time I stood (or sat/died/became a bridge) in front of an audience was when I took 'Theatre' as an extra co-curricular subject. It had absolutely no lines, and I was part of a bridge, played a 'dayang' which only involved me waving a fan at a queen, and then I became a villager who died all in one night.

Anyway, one day, when I've garnered enough confidence to step into a theatre audition room and audition for a small part (even a tree would do!) because I have no proper training, I hope that I can act in a play in front of an audience.

As with all tags, I'm afraid I have to tag people.. but I shall leave it to you. All right, do drop by Sharon's Five Things so she can link you up in this five things mania.


  1. Thanks for replying my tag! =) Do hope that you can fufil each and every one of them! =)

    I wanna learn to dance too but it's expensive! Boohoo...

  2. Hmmmm....the Darkness...I need to get right on finding out more about this right away.

  3. i was surprised to learn that you had such an artistic side. I, too, want to write a great book. And Harper Lee did it right--a one book wonder. But I'd settle for a book because the thought of writing the perfect book actually was a deterrent to writing at all.

  4. princess: my pleasure. I dig tags... hehehe

    maryam: sure they're worth it. I heard they had amazing crowds during their tour in the US.

    gem: yeah, it's the suppressed artistic side, unfortunately :)

  5. I learnt a bit of salsa and jive this monsoon. It was difficult given my inexperience and bad sense of direction but I enjoyed it nevertheless. I'm gonna take advanced levels at the net opportunity and become the world's next dancing queen!


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