Saturday, December 10, 2011

Eclipsed by Clouds

The thing about catching snippets of news on the radio is that you usually only catch the end of the news, mostly after you've heard a word or two that catches your interest. Yesterday evening, those few words were eclipse, Malaysia and seven-ish pm. Of course there were other words such as *climate change to which I raised my eyebrows to an invisible audience as I was driving alone at that time.

As eclipses excite me as much as prom night excites a high-schooler, I thought to myself that I will be catching the eclipse - after all it was a Saturday evening, and I had no plans, and I felt a pang of regret when I remembered that I had not bought a DSLR camera as I had planned to earlier (My carefully honed procrastination skills knows no boundaries, ha ha)

How part of the eclipse might have looked from some part of the world - 'artist's' (snort) impression
Sometimes plans have plans of their own. With an overcast sky (from 3 pm right up to the time when I started this post - **9:15 pm), the moon was nowhere to be seen, and obviously that meant that the eclipse was nowhere in sight as well. Undeterred, I figured I might as well just draw my own eclipse. (see picture above)

* "Climate change" - I'm sure she meant to say something alongside clear skies
**According to wikipedia, this eclipse can only be seen in Malaysian skies right after sunset, so the final view at 9:15 pm was actually only wishful thinking.


  1. Ah BOO that is frustrating! Great drawing though.

  2. i saw it :)
    they said it was happening at10.32pm, but when i was out at 11pm in mont kiara, there was the moon with a red shadow cast on it.

  3. I am sorry you missed the eclipse, but I do love your drawing.

  4. I've never seen an eclipse

  5. There was a somewhat anticlimactic eclipse on the Shetland Islands (an island group north of Scotland) the other evening. Working out in my tiny mind how these events occur around the same time but in places as far apart as Shetland and Malaysia is really testing my limited brainpower.

    I have a partially written blogpost about my plans to purchase a DSLR. This will be my Xmas gift to myself I hope.

  6. It was around 7AM for me. I was completely asleep though. :(

  7. Gia: Oh, very frustrating indeed. And thanks :)

    Jaya J: How nice... I should have gone eclipse chasing last night... the clouds were just too much.

    Missed Periods: I'm sorry too. Thank you for dropping by :)

    nursemyra: Oh wow. I've seen one a few years ago...

  8. 2Peeeps: Yeah

    King of Scurf: Yes, at least they got to see it partially. I only remember the basics of how eclipses occur, and not why it can be seen from a few areas and not the others.
    I've got so many thing I've wanted to buy but never got around to.

    DWei: That's a pity... but there are so many happening most of the time, you'll be able to catch the next one, I think.


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