Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Claims to Spiffy Titles

Otherwise known as why you shouldn't delay posting blog posts when you think you've got a good title for it.

It all started with a conversation with my aunt - concerning the brain drain issue plaguing our country. I will not go into the details of the conversation because it's irrelevant to the topic at hand, but we somehow started talking about maids (domestic help) - don't ask me how the conversation took this path, because I can't remember. All I can remember is that when I got back home, I opened Blogger, and typed out at the title box: Maid in Malaysia (Yes, it is unoriginal - no thanks to Maid in Manhattan :p)

I never finished started the post.

A few weeks later, which is today, as I drive home from work listening to the one and only radio station I ever listen to, what do the radio deejays talk about? Maids (and the issue with Indonesia banning their women from working here due to several incidents) And what do they decide to name this particular 'episode'? You guessed it - Maid in Malaysia. With this, that post of mine is forever doomed to live in the realm of the unpublished unless I can come up with another title (and some err... content as well)

The only thing I discovered out of this issue? At least I can pass off as being as creative in coming up with titles as the producer of a radio talk show. ;)


  1. smart heading :)
    when steve jobs resigned in aug, we had our heading
    iQuit : ........
    there were some text in the blank which i cant remember.

  2. just because someone else used it doesn't mean you can't. None of your readers outside Malaysia would have heard the radio show

  3. Dontcha just hate it when that happens!

  4. Hahah that is super cool/annoying at the same time. A fellow blogger once used the same title as a blog post I was working on, a week or so before I was going to post mine. SO FRUSTRATING.

  5. nice i like it

  6. NurseMyra was right, but now that you've told all of us, we know. :-)

  7. nursemyra: That's true, but I'd feel worried about it all the same. LOL :)

    King Of Scurf: Yup... Blogging loses half it's fun when you feel you can't use the title you wanted to

    Gia: Oh yeah, that's even worse, I guess...

    2Peeps: Hi, thanks for visiting

    SAW: LOL. Yes, you all know.


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