Thursday, September 22, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. It just hit me that I haven't done any random posts in awhile. And no, I can't explain why either...

2. I actually thought I had escaped unscathed from the flu that came visiting recently. I managed to get some rest and actually got better. This morning, however, I found myself sneezing violently again.

3. Which is worse? Having a colleague ask you if you are greying (at the age of 31), or finding out that the 'grey' is actually white paint that splashed onto your hair while you were investigating a problem with the particular paint?


  1. Being involved in paint related incidents is always preferable to having to contemplate you might not be forever young.

  2. When I'm sick I just go on a drinking bender, wake up with a hangover, deal with the hangover and then I'm all better. Don't know the science behind it but it works every time. I don't suggest you do it though, you might end up preggers :p

  3. I agree with the King of Scurf

  4. As a person who found her first grey hair at 19 I can tell you its not that bad. I'm as grey as a badger these days but you can't tell because of hair dye - god bless it I would look 30 years older without it!!

    I feel I'm overdue a random post as well!!

  5. Nick: Thank you... :)

    King of Scurf: I guess you're right... said colleague is just a year older and already has quite a bit of grey hair scattered all over his head.

    Orhan: Don't know if it'll work for me... headaches last for days. If I were ever to get drunk, I'd lock myself up in a room and hide my phone and laptop in case I did something with them I'd regret much later. So, yeah... no worries about getting preggers :p

  6. nursemyra: LOL... so real grey hair is worse... I think so too :)

    AHD: I found my first grey hair at 27. No new ones after that... but I do think the hair dye is the best thing ever.

    PS: Looking forward to a random post! :)

  7. Or you could end up half broken like I feel now :p


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