Friday, September 09, 2011

The Big North Sumatera Adventure Part IV - The Lady of the Lake

Continued from here: North Sumatera Adventure Part III

While the name of the hotel escapes me, the memories of it will remain forever. There it was, right in front of the lake, the cold, chilly wind blowing against your face. Everywhere you look, you see the dark blue and green hues of the lake. But before anything else, we'll begin with something we observed behind the door of the room.

Tired? Or just a lazy ass? Ha Ha!
As I mentioned in one of the earlier posts, Lake Toba is one of the most relaxing places on the face of the planet, and there is nothing you really want to do other than relax, although I did read a bit at night, I was knocked out cold by 9:30 pm. That night I had a dream.

I was sleeping or at least was under the assumption that I was, firmly wrapped up underneath the blanket because it was cold. The wind was blowing, and the curtain billowed a little. It takes me awhile to realise there's a lady in the room. Slightly old and small sized, and dressed in a somewhat traditional looking costume, she makes her way towards the right hand side of my bed. She speaks to me in the local language (which is similar to the Malaysian language) asking me where the bathroom is. I point her towards the bathroom, saying something along the lines of there it is in Malay (which I presumed she understood). She thanks me, moves away and looks over my sister sleeping on the bed next to mine. My sister is in deep sleep and doesn't move, so the lady moves away towards the bathroom and disappears into it. 

What I find interesting though, is how vivid and real the dream was. You see, most of my dreams are always a mesh of things and places and people, for instance university friends doing some strange project in my primary school, or people whom I've only met online recently joining in a conversation with me and my grandfather who died 15 years ago. This dream on the other hand clearly occurred in the room I was in at that time and involved only my sister. The only odd thing about the dream is that it involved the old lady who came from nowhere and disappeared into our bathroom. What if she was really the lady of the lake and more than just a dream?

Edit: The sister says it was called Toledo Inn.


  1. How old is "slightly old"?

  2. What a mundane thing for the Lady of the Lake to be doing!

  3. Nurse: Around 60 perhaps...

    SAW: LOL. I guess when a woman's gotta go, she has to go... :D

  4. I love the photo - "Warm water distribution..." - what? Did they deliver it in buckets or something?

    And "Bar activity" conjures up some intriguing possibilities.

  5. LOL. That would have been interesting, actually. Alas, the water came in pipes!


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