Monday, September 13, 2010

They Are Just Not That Into You

Unrequited love. A term I first got acquainted with in English Literature class, where our teacher, a fan of all things French and romantic introduced us to abridged works of authors such as Alexandre Dumas and Victor Hugo. At that time, it was just another new term which I unfortunately could not incorporate into any of my essays for school.

Now, if you have been *following the Malaysian news for the past one month, you'd probably know that we have had an incident with our less than friendly neighbour, the Indonesians (from a certain group that call themselves BENDERA actually). They seem to have taken a very dramatic stance by burning our flag and throwing crap at the Malaysian Embassy. (Ok, the throwing of crap is just plain gross... I think even with utmost hatred, the most dangerous thing I'd throw at someone is a Rubik's cube)

*Actual news link here

Anyway, incidences aside, what amuses me the most is the reaction from the Malaysian (ahem!) leadership. I was browsing through the online papers a few days ago (but was too busy to write this post then) and noticed that they (our esteemed 'leaders') are looking at this incident through baby pink tinted glasses. Take for instance this headline translated (not very accurately, alas) by yours truly from the Malaysian Insider: "(Name of politician): Outside forces pouring hot oil over Malaysia, Indonesia issue" but you get the general idea. He apparently thinks people of both the countries are all full of brotherly and sisterly love, and someone else is seeking to make both countries fight using this issue. And who is that someone else, precisely??

While understandably Malaysia (well, some of them at least, as the papers tell us) seems to have lots of love for our neighbours under the pretext that we are all the same kind of people (they use the word **serumpun here) and that (most) of them are of the same religion (lets just forget awhile the cases where maids are abused - but then again there are cases where the employers have been abused by the maids as well, so it's probably not related to this) the Indonesians do not hold onto the same sentiments. History has proven this, with the Indonesians declaring a Confrontation against us somewhere in the 60's because they didn't approve of the formation of Malaysia, and how it was done. If we were indeed serumpun as the Malaysian politicians believe, the formation of Malaysia should have never been an issue. Today, a huge number of Indonesians work in Malaysia (and have been given permanent resident status) and yet, when clashes like this occur, their hearts and loyalty are totally with Indonesia (I actually noticed this in my workplace - some of them seem to have collectively turned a wee bit rebellious of late)

So Malaysia, wake up, and smell the coffee... Lets face it, they are just not that into you! (Us)

** serumpun (loosely translated: same stock?)


  1. You know our leaders remind me of my patients who are delusional and living in their own worlds. But i still love my patients more cos at least they have the balls to admit that they need help!

  2. Funny how governments always blame outside troublemakers for local problems. I mean, how could our blissfully contented citizens possibly be digruntled in any way? But if you ask them to identify these outside troublemakers, then they get shifty and change the subject.

  3. Thanks for posting this. The only Malaysian news I read is The Star Online and funnily, missed that bit of news.

    The Malaysian government is obviously in denial. If only it was possible to outsource your government!

  4. But surely you're not talking about ALL Indonesians. The actions of a few should not reflect on an entire nation.

  5. Well, it just goes to show the intelligence level of our 'esteemed' leaders :D

  6. sabrina: LOL... they are indeed delusional.

    nick: Oh yes... and if they lose a local election, they end up blaming the people or sabotage by the opposition!

    LMC: The news over a month old, actually... I mean the burning of the flag and the crap throwing.

    If we are not careful... the aliens watching us might intervene ;) PS: Nice new nom de blog

    nursemyra: Not ALL, yes... just this group called Bendera. However, the point of my post is not to diss the Indonesian people... I'm trying to drive the point to Malaysians that the love our leaders have for them is a one sided, unrequited love that someday will be regretted.

    Nick: Yes... they lost their brains in the heat of the elections ;)

  7. There is a reason for the love that were shown by our politicians... they have more to gain from the relationship. Indonesians hates Malaysians because we are arrogant and they can sense it (in the same way how Malaysians hate Singaporeans , it's just tat our manners are much more milder);).

  8. It has finally backfired ! woohoo to the gomen of M'sia ! ( i mean ' serves you right ' kind of thingy )

  9. I'm under the impression is that the media - no matter which country they're in - are just an organised bunch of kids from the school yard saying, FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

  10. Jai: Yes, they probably do... and we are a bit arrogant, hehehe...

    Unicorn Girl: LOL... I certainly didn't expect that ;)

    Orhan: Well, I've lost faith with the Malaysian media...

  11. I had no idea there was such a rivalry between the two nations. I assumed there was solidarity. The flinging of poop is gross!


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