Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reasons to Tear Your Hair Out

You call a hot but dumb girl a bimbo, but what would you call a girl who is not hot but equally dumb?

I had an encounter with one of those types yesterday... I don't mind her being not hot, but it was the dumb that I couldn't stand.

It all began on Monday morning, starting with an e-mail from my boss regarding a certain problem I was supposed to investigate. With Sherlock Holmes-esque enthusiasm and reasoning (Elementary, my dear Watson), I dove into it, hoping to get some leads before I was imprisoned against my will from 10:00 am till Tuesday afternoon. For that, I had to communicate with a certain person, the person who initiated the chain of e-mails to be exact.

To my dismay, I didn't get an immediate response on the office instant messenger. So I went looking for the evidence myself, with hopes of finding some information so that I could proceed with the necessary tests, but the information wasn't where it was supposed to be. Someone must have taken it away.

Later that evening, I finally get a response...

*bimbo: Hi (insert someone else's name here)!!!!
              I'm so tired!!!!!
              Oops... sorry, wrong message.
              (there was an emoticon here, but as I had disabled emoticons, it just stated "title")

And that's it... no reply to my question, or any indication of an attempt to help me locate what I was looking for. What if it had been a matter of life and death? (And yes, she did indeed reply me with someone else's name (her BFF at work, actually, whose name begins with the same alphabet as mine) and all those exclamation points)


  1. I could tell you what I'd really call her but I don't want to use bad language on your blog. Let's just call her ignorant.

  2. You should tell her that since she's ugly she should at least work on her personality and her brain!!!

  3. Ryan: It wasn't so bad that she needs to be called something awful... Ignorant is good, though...

    Komal: Yes, it would have been funny if I was in the mood. I just wasn't amused by her silliness.

    SAW: Well, probably not... if the dumb is noticed before the prettiness ;)

    Sabrina: Hehehe.... she's not ugly, la... just not hot ;)

  4. I'm just putting this out there, but you could always drop a bunch of books on her head?

  5. Orhan: Oh, such a LOL-worthy comment. Just so you know... this put a big smile on my face :D

    Nick: LOL. I couldn't, though... It will tarnish the image of the cute elephant with big years.

  6. and the organisation actually hires people like her ??? I wonder who she ' turned-on ' during interviews - lol !

  7. Erm... who knows? But I think she was alright then...

  8. I've sent messages to wrong people but did not realize then send it after the fact. IT's sort of funny.

  9. i'd call... er... fiona? LOL

  10. Ricardo: It's funny in a social setting I guess.. I too have even texted wrong people before (was trying to send a text incognito under the table during a meeting)... and the person responded quite well too.

    The point is: a) She didn't answer my question at all even after realising that she had replied wrongly
    b) She didn't get the urgency of the situation, which for a person in her position is a very, very unprofessional thing.

    Faisal: LOL... her name kinda rhymes with Fiona, actually

  11. Hey there!

    For me, brains is important. People who are intelligent, smart and humorous attract me more than 'hot' people. If they're combined, which is sorta rare nowadays, they would be a great pair.

    Haha, the situation in your story is something I get really irritated at. Like hello, I'm running out of load or time, why don't you answer the damn question? Believe me, it would both save us time. We can catch up with our lives later.

    Sorry, I got carried away. Haha! :)

  12. Thanks for dropping by... I agree, the combination of looks and brains is sort of rare...

  13. I think you call her unfortunate.


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