Friday, September 24, 2010

Nothing Ever Happens

I made a wish to the universe the other day, hoping for something funny or odd to happen, if not to me, then perhaps to someone else. (And not in a bad way... like how I had my sneakers stolen at the gym - that was odd, not funny, or how I once dropped a box set of books on a girl (it was an accident!!)  who was sitting under the shelf, sneaking a read in the bookstore) Thirty three hours later, other than an incredibly hilarious story a friend of mine shared with me, nothing funny happened. In fact, nothing happened at all, unless you count the activities that led my work desk to look like a tornado passed right through it within four days of being back at work. It was very neat when I left it two weeks ago.

An attempt at chalk outlines using crayons :p
The other day, however had a slightly funny moment. See, while the plant shut down for Eid, we had some installation and repair work going on, and one of the things they did was to build a roof over the ASSembly area so that people wouldn't use the rain as an excuse to not loosen their creaky joints at 8 am to the most sickening tunes ever - one for each day of the week. Every Thursday, we are tortured with the theme song from Hawaii five O. Other than that they also resurfaced the floor (which is actually a road), but apparently didn't do a particularly good job. It had rained the night before and all along the road were puddles of water. And around the puddles of water were chalk outlines, like those around dead bodies found by the cops. A colleague spotted me staring at the puddle, caught my eye and we both burst out laughing - before 8 am.


  1. You're most welcome to join me here at the psychiatric clinic where plenty of insane things *pun intended* happen every minute!


  2. Del Amitri! I haven't thought of them in ages - I used to have such a crush on the lead singer

  3. You threw books at a little girl? See, this is all the evidence I need to declare that you are a TERRORIST!

    Repent! And thou shall be SAVED!

  4. I love the Hawaii Five-O theme song!

  5. What? You don't like the Hawaii Five-O theme song? LOL!

  6. Too bad none of the puddles were human shaped!

  7. You have group workouts before starting Hawaii Five-O? How cool is that...or do you just prefer to stare at puddles?

  8. Saby: LOL... I couldn't, though...

    nursemyra: Oh, yes... he was adorable in this video. Don't blame ya!

    Orhan: Noooooo... she was not a little girl. A teenager perhaps, hehehe..

  9. Travis: Oops... ;)

    Nick: No, I can't stand it! Makes me want to break the PA system!!

    SAW: That would have been awesome. Alas, there were none...

    King of Scurf: Yup, every morning for about 5 minutes... Japanese style. I don't mind the exercise, but someone with a better taste in music should have been asked to pick the tracks!

  10. Now I have that the theme to Hawaii Five O stuck in my head.

  11. So sorry to hear about that... I'm assuming that you don't quite like it, either...


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