Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Lil' bit of Poison

Just the other day, I had candidly remarked on Ricardo's blog that the notion of being poisoned has this aura of romanticism about it. Perhaps it's how poison is always the chosen weapon for women serial murderers. It's something that I find hard to explain. Besides, with explanation, I may run the risk of revealing too much. Little did I know that day that I was about to be on the receiving end of some poison, and it was the furthest from being romantic, instead, if you know me well enough, you may already suspect that it borders on something comedic.

On the practical side of things, geckos or 'house' lizards are under the impression that they rule this side of the planet. Wherever you go at night, they'll be there, challenging you to a fight. The other day, a baby lizard fell on my sister, she freaked out. That did it. That was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand or as some people might say, the Casus belli. The war on geckos had begun.

Tucked on a shelf among other pest control items was a sickly shaded green can with the words Lizard Repellent on it. It also said it was non-toxic. Nevertheless, an overzealous spraying not only left the lizards wondering why they dislike their usual haunts so much, it also left the unmistakable warning sign that a sore throat was to come-a-knocking. And that to a person who all the while played the role of an innocent bystander (which is me)! Now, it wouldn't be so bad if that's all it did. Instead, the bad scratchy throat also led to a mild fever and flu like symptoms, which then led to the case of a Sunday that was spent sleeping. It was strange and awful at the same time, maybe I was high but didn't know it? I don't know. I just needed to sleep, on and on. Even the doctor shrugged, gave me some medication and asked me to drink some 100 plus because she figured my electrolytes were messed up!

The comedic part of this whole thing? I work in a place that deals with chemicals... things like Xylene, and Toluene and I are on a first name basis and none of these make me physically sick. Bring in some non-toxic lizard repellent and I'm all ready to faint...


  1. Oh my that is terrible. You wound up taking out yourself by accident! Never a good thing when doing pest control.

    I hope you're better.

  2. oh! is that mean you are intoxicated?

  3. "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." Friedrich Nietzsche.

    Get well soon.

  4. Perhaps it was a 24 hour virus and using the gecko spray was coincidental?

  5. I don't mind the Geico Gecko, but I'm not really a fan of lizards. Glad to hear that whatever was wrong with you was just mild.

  6. Ricardo: Terrible indeed. I was unfortunately in the way of the spraying activities... should have gone out, but I had just got back after a day out...

    Faisal: Haha... good one. Who knows?

    King of Scurf: Yeah, I've heard that one before... thanks

    Nursemyra: It could be... but I still think the gecko spray had something to do with it, because I feel 'sicker' when I'm at home than I do at work.

    Travis: I remember ads from Geico on Yahoo some time ago. Yes, it was mild, I suppose.... but I'm still having a nasty headache and it's already Wednesday.

  7. I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

  8. Lizard repellent? Seriously? But it hardly sounds non-toxic. Get well.

  9. Hanyi font: Well, I don't know what is your mission, but whatever it is, I'm not buying it!

    SAW: Well, it doesn't kill... just makes them stay away.

  10. never knew that a lizard repellent existed in the first place.......strange......hhmmmmmmm


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