Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Celebrating Mothers

I suppose I wouldn't be too far off the mark if I were to say that if you told a Malaysian that they were not allowed to celebrate a certain occasion with food, they'd probably give you a punch on the nose. That is if you were the one unfortunate enough to have to break the news to them. See, Malaysians love their food, and although picky (the sauce doesn't taste quite right, the consistency sucks, etc), food represents all occasions. Naturally, being Malaysians and all, Mother's Day this year was celebrated amidst food.

This story was supposed to go up on Saturday night/Sunday morning ages ago, but as luck would have it, it wasn't meant to be (see post with the word Poison in the title), and as time went by, the direction of the post in my head changed altogether... mainly because of a certain picture I saw on Secret Agent Woman's blog.

You know how pictures sometimes evoke the strangest memories? That particular picture brought back memories of the time my sister was brought home after being born, well, more so of the time when I was unceremoniously asked to leave the room where my mother and sister were because my mother was going to feed her. I was almost five then, and was famous for asking awkward questions (my parents probably thought so, anyways) and asked my mom a question about feeding I shall not repeat here (because I really can't remember what was my question, exactly)... but suffice to say, she only managed to ask me to come over near her and show me some visuals in her "mother and baby book"

Gotta remember to have a closer gap between my kids if and when the time comes so that the awkward questions can be averted.

Well, Mother's Day this year was celebrated on the Saturday instead of the Sunday... especially after last year's nightmarish celebration which involved an obnoxious uncle and lots of soup (piping hot) pouring all over customers and waiters! And we managed to find a place Mom would like (she requested Chinese vegetarian, since she was bored of other stuff, being vegetarian and all), and it turns out that the place did serve some pretty delicious stuff. The decor was alright, the food was good, and the crowd was barely there! Well, except for a few families which also decided to have an early Mother's Day celebration. The sister and I entertained ourselves watching a particular family seated towards our left, as the 'life of the party' in their crowd was more than willing to share her anecdotes with all and sundry. I wanted to burst out laughing so many times because she really, really was funny.

Some vegetarian fish thing

This dish was all awesomeness, but I just can't seem to recall what it was called.
So, that's what we did for Mother's Day this year, like I said, you can't separate a Malaysian and their food. How did yours go?

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  1. How can a vegetarian dish have fish in it?

  2. Because the 'fish' is not real... It's actually made of soy and shaped like slices of fish... Doesn't taste exactly the same but they imitated the texture pretty well.

  3. ah... now it's all clear....

  4. Wait - isn't a celebration without food an oxymoron?

  5. Nursemyra: I'm glad :)

    SAW: Food is important, but we could celebrate by going on a roadtrip, or a small vacation, with food being in the plan, but not the only plan... dunno if I'm making any sense


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