Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life in Delayed Telecast

While I've never been the kind of person who blogs daily, I somehow get this vibe that I have been blogging less in recent days for reasons that range from time passing by too fast, being ill, to the uncanny momentary dislike of the internet in general. Well, slow moving internet, that is, where videos take forever to buffer, and the only thing that loads pretty quickly are blogs (some of 'em, at least), but there's only a handful of blogs you can read at any given time.

It was somewhere in the evening yesterday while putting the finishing touches to my Mother's Day post that I realised how ridiculous it was - not the post, but how it is now more than a week since that day that I even had difficulty remembering the exact unfolding of events! And much to my regret, I couldn't even publish it as some of the photos which I figured should accompany the post are still in the memory card and were not accessible at the very moment.

This isn't the only case, the TS of 2008 would have blogged about  (and given her two cents worth of) the elections in Britain, the small elections in Sibu, Sarawak, her disappointment at the outcome of the Thomas Cup, her worries about completing starting her postgrad, and many other things. Instead, all I could afford was to put up a status update on FB, no less with the words "Life in delayed telecast" because that is how things are at the moment.

Oh well.


  1. thanks for following my blog! i love your posts. =) been a silent reader for a while.

    i drew a scenery for my mum on mothers' day. she loves it!

    oh, There's a SEVEN WORDS challenge up my blog! come play~!

  2. I know what you mean babes. I feel mine is on/in a delayed telecast as well.

    I have a million and one things to blog about but i'm either too lazy or too tired to gather my thoughts!

  3. I have ideas for blog posts but I have trouble converting my thoughts into coherent prose.

    I'd be really interested to know what you think of the UK elections and I'm equally intrigued to know why you'd be interested in them in the first place.

  4. Nani: Thank you.... Ill drop by your blog in a bit, sure....

    Sabrina: Laziness is one of the factors for me as well... Need to pick things up!

    King of Scurf: That happens to me as well... I'm more critical of my writing now that I know that people actually read them. LOL. As for the elections in the UK, I thought the results were very interesting, especially after listening to an analyst on the radio. It sort of gives hope that we can do something about the political scene in Malaysia... Perhaps I should do a write up on my thoughts...

  5. Sometimes life throws your blogging pace off. It happens. I have so many ideas for blog posts that never came to fruition. It happens.

  6. I'm finding it harder and harder to actually write posts these days. And I have four other blogs at that!

  7. Don't worry about it too much. We all go through fits and starts with blogging.

  8. Ah, you blog when you blog. I think it's natural to have some waxing and waning of interest/motivation.

  9. Ricardo: I know... I'm just saddened by it for some reason...

    Nick: I suppose that's because you got busier, with your own business and all...

    Travis: I'll try not too... but "worry" happens to be one of my many middle names...

    SAW: Yes, that's true too... I've just been feeling some sort of void, that's all...

  10. i can't stand with slow internet. it surely drive me insane! :)


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