Monday, March 22, 2010

Flash Floods - Through the Wire Mesh

The rain threw cats and dogs all over us without so much as a warning, and although we were safely in a car, vision was pretty bad, making us go slow while the wipers worked overtime. A few minutes later we were safe in our aunt's house, or so we thought. Hardly 10 minutes after parking the car, the water levels rose to the point that water threatened to enter the house from the front. The lane at the back looked like a river and and a whole jim bang (edit: jing-bang) of creepy crawlies came up to breathe.

It was odd watching the 'river' through the wire mesh at my aunt's kitchen door. Cockroaches of all shapes and sizes adorned the pink walls of one of the houses opposite as the water level rose. A creepy looking centipede climbed the wall stealthily to enter a crevice in the pink walled window, while a wet rat the size of cat stood on a flower pot, drying itself, preening. Iguanas swam around, tongues darting throwing the cockroaches off the wall into the water which were then eaten with relish. One of the iguanas was a tad bit more ambitious, and tried attacking the rat which just ignored the iguana.

Look what the flood brought!


  1. Is this fiction or did it happen?

  2. what happen to the rat then?

  3. nursemyra: It happened. Just last Saturday.

    Faisal: It was still on the pot when I left my aunt's place after the water receded.

  4. Aiseh you should have taken pictures la babes....would have been quite the sight, i imagine

  5. Oh my God - I felt my stomach lurch at the idea of all those roaches.

  6. Sounds like a lovely day.. not quite theme park quality.. but approaching it maybe? haha..

    Yeah, I've been out of circulation for awhile, we'll see how long I'm back for. I have a few more things I've been itching to write about. The written word has so much more power than the spoken word.. That and it just feels good to have my thoughts outside of my head for once, my girlfriend won't tolerate my nonsense. =)

    As far as health care is concerned.. the bill passed.. ugh. And it really shouldn't be that difficult of a subject if people would just take and interest and responsibility in/for their own well being rather than wanting someone else to do it for them.

    Have a great day and stay dry! =D

  7. Saby: It was quite a sight! A bit gross, especially with all the cockroaches, and we first thought the iguana was a snake.

    SAW: Yeah, cockroaches have the same effect on me... especially the flying ones.

    Mike: LOL @ lovely day... well, other than the worries about the flood, the day was pretty alright, I suppose...

    Faisal: *pours cold rain water on your face. :p

  8. 'jim bang' ... I haven't heard that word mentioned since the days of my grandma (not that I;m saying you're old or anything ... hehehe) I just thought no one knew that word :D

  9. (Secretly wishing the iguana actually ate the preening rat)

  10. Nick: LOL... just so you know, there are at least 12 of us born in 1980 who abused the word to the max around 1998 to 2002.

    Gee: I thought the rat was your friend... ?

  11. Well that sounds like an adventure. Floods are scary.

    Hey...I like the new template!

  12. Yes, they are.... and quite destructive as well! Thank you :)


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