Tuesday, March 16, 2010

East Meets West and Leftovers

Who knew Tabasco sauce could work wonders with leftover briyani? Now you know...

Firstly, you need some leftover briyani rice (best if you use balance rice from lunch for dinner if you don't want to spend hours in a cramped room with lots of toilet paper the next day)

To allow the fragrance of the rice to emanate around and make your neighbours jealous, heat it up for two minutes, on medium heat in the microwave oven.

At the same time, cook some sausages (once again, this depends on how hungry you are and how many sausages you have at your disposal) in a wok sans oil on low heat. This will ensure that the smell wafts out of your kitchen window right into the neighbours house. You will be certain of this when you hear their cat meow. If they have a cat, that is. Other than that, the low heat, long cooking ensures the sausage is well cooked and piping hot.

Serve the rice with the sausage(s) and with any other vegetables you have, if you're into that balanced diet thingy. If you couldn't care less, the rice and sausage will suffice. Cut up the sausage(s) and sprinkle pour a healthy amount of Tabasco sauce on the sausage and on random spots on the rice.

Your east meets west leftovers magic is now ready for consumption. To counter the burning sensation caused by overzealous sprinkling of Tabasco sauce, a small bottle of Yakult does the trick.

Picture credits: Top, stolen, middle, mine, bottom, flicked


  1. Oh dammit i shouldn't be reading this at 3am when i have no access to food!!!! Groan!

  2. I think an ice cold beer is in order.

  3. Darn, you're really trying to ruin my diet aren't you? LOL!

  4. That sounds so nice. I think I'll try that, only without the tabasco sauce. :)

  5. I had to look up briyani. There are a lot of different varieties. The meal you describe sounds delicious.

  6. saby: Hehe... ;)

    SAW: They sound like they could go well together..

    Nick: Oh yeah... that is indeed my ulterior motive ;)

    Chandi: Hi... thanks for dropping by. LOL... I like to torture my tastebuds.

    Travis: Yeah, there are many different varieties. This one was with chicken.

  7. I like beans and rice with chili sauce and a dollop of yoghurt. Same same but different ;-)

  8. nursemyra: That actually sounds very interesting!

    AHD: I know... LOL :)

  9. sounds like it would do a number on my acid reflux but damn I'll give it a shot.

  10. Yeah, that's probably a risk... but quite worth it, nonetheless.


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