Monday, July 06, 2009

I Want to Shoot the Whole Day Down

Otherwise known as "how I stupidly make myself depressed".

Monday and I have had a very understanding relationship thus far, in which I ignore the stigma associated with it (by resenting Sunday nights), while Monday leaves me in peace. It has been a successful formula to date, with Monday being a very acceptable day as far as days go. No doubt things move in a whirr on Mondays and I always suddenly realise a million things that I had inconveniently forgotten about. So, when I heard the song "I don't like Mondays" this morning (I first heard it on Saturday evening with my sister and we both laughed when we heard it) I couldn't help but smile at the idea of shooting the whole day down.

However, a little keyboard hitting and a little research and reading in my 'procrastination time' led me to this site: Definitely not something to smile about, though...


  1. I like that song by Boomtown Rats. The first time I heard that was a live version of Bob Geldof & Jon Bon Jovi singing it. Awesome!

  2. I like it too... just found the reason for the existence of the song somewhat disturbing, that's all...

  3. This one really caught you off guard, aye? Aw. It's always sucky when you found out the morbid meanings behind seemingly happy things.

  4. It sure did, no doubt about that...

  5. Eekks! That's very depressing!!!

  6. I hate Monday's and I have no qualms admitting it ... LOL!

    Ok, I had no idea at all about the reason for that song but now I find it a little disturbing too ...

    Well, at least Monday is almost over :D

  7. Monday's don't bug me so much anymore.

  8. I stopped hating Mondays when I keep on working Sundays. It made Monday no difference. Haha.

    This was one of the songs I heard played around my childhood. I thought the lyrics were eccentric...til I found out it is a direct reference to something that happened! That gave the song a creepy feeling in my opinion. Now I can't listen to it without feeling a twinge of...horrible.

  9. Sabrina: yeah, it is...

    Nick: It is over now... LOL. Good to know that I'm not the only one who finds it disturbing.

    Travis: I'm not surprised... they don't bug me that much, either.

    MadPenguin: I think I know exactly how you feel...


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