Sunday, July 19, 2009

Her Face is the Map of the World

Yesterday was one of those days where my mind jumped from idea to idea like a train on rocket fuel despite my attempts to calm it down by reading a book. Obviously that didn't work, because the book revived thoughts about the world and civilisations and people in general. More ideas jumping around like synapses. Maybe I think too much. In the end, I decided to look up some interesting places on the net and get the maps on how to get there for the much delayed road trip I was supposed to do a few weeks ago.

Plus I will also be soon encountering my first ever long distance solo drive to this place called The Lost World of Tambun. Although I did sign up for the convoy based drive, it would be better if I knew how to get there myself. People say it's easy getting there, but I've been known to get lost in my own town, so it's best to be safe. My current mood however protests against going, predicting a boring day filled with water based games (I'm mildly hydrophobic), but then again, who knows if the *forces of adrenaline may somehow make me think otherwise later. To make things worse, it's a two day event this time! As though seeing them every other day isn't enough... However, Therese is trying her best to convince me to go... "all the single people can have a crazy sleepover and play **poker at night" she insists.

Anyway, I was also searching for GPS units for the car vs GPS enabled mobile phones without being able to decide what I should get. I've always had a distrust for items which serves more than one function, like the ironically named three-in-one printer of mine that doesn't print, so a plain old GPS unit should serve the function, I guess. Any suggestions? Another thing that did cross my mind is that I could possibly create a record by being the first ever person to get lost on the streets even with a GPS unit. This shall be fun...

** Funny thing about poker is that none of us (between Therese and myself) know how to play the game, not being big time gamblers. Hud instead wants to play strip poker, in which Therese and I planned to load ourselves with bangles and bracelets... if the need ever arises. I'm wondering if I should introduce them to Risk instead...


  1. I say go for a stand alone GPS unit. I find the ones that come with your cell tend to drain your batteries too quickly ...

  2. I see... thank you so much for the info. :)

  3. I did not read this because you have offended my religion.

  4. Terra, I have Nokia 5800 and I have installed Garmin GPS software in it. It works good. As for the battery drain issue, I always have a car battery charger standby. Trust me, I have never ever got lost with this gps as long as you update the map and there are various sources for it.;) Cheers

  5. a) I don't know a thing about GPS but don't get a small one

    b) u not allowed glasswear at that place

    c) if you just under 3 foot you get in for free so try and limbo when you buy your ticket

    d) look at this quote from their website: "The Lost World of Tambun at Sunway City Ipoh, a theme park in a land 400 million years old. Now open to Homo Sapiens."


    wait a second

    they chatting about some old malay civilsation, I didn't realise that this ancient civilisation wasn't actually human run - what was it? was there a malay monkey kingdom? a parliment controlled by very smart lizards??? maybe I don't get it or maybe something was lost in translation but you should really think long and hard if you want to spend two days in a place that has only recently started to admit modern man

    it doesn't sit right with me, i'll tell u that.


    you know I still haven't done any of the malaysian recipies I said i'd do

    man really wants to try more pandan stuff but whenever I go to the asian supermarket theres always one sweet woman who serves me a lot but then there one horrible young woman who must think i'm taking the piss only buying kids sweets, cakes and beer - i'm scared to buy any actual ingredients if shes at the till because last time I tried to buy stock cubes I came away with herbal medicine and i'm not making that mistake again, man cured his pregnancy pains but now I can't operate any heavy machinery

  6. Orhan: This proves one thing... my efforts to desensitise myself may be finally working! :D

    vivek: Thanks for the info... you're the first to say good things about the mobile phone gps thingy, though.

    i want one so badly:
    a) ok..
    b) glasswear?
    c) We don't have to pay a cent for the park. Sponsored by the company, so doing the limbo is out, I suppose...
    d) I really should thoroughly read stuff before linking them to my blog, but the Homo sapiens part caught my eye as well. My initial reaction I suppose was to snigger...

    about the pandan issue... don't let that scary young woman bully you into buying strange herbal stuff...
    PS: Thank you for commenting. This made me laugh so much, curing a somewhat bluesy Monday :D

  7. Oh no no! Don't get the GPS unit!!! The bitch has the most annoying voice!!!!!

  8. It's quite possible to get lost with GPS as some of the maps are wrong if you're trying to find a restaurant or something. I have heard stories of it happening so don't fret but the occasions should be rare.

  9. Sabrina: If it's anything as annoying as the voice on those automatic parking ticket machines, then I should be fine. Though I always tend to ask it to shut up when it says "Please insert your parking ticket" over and over again!

    Ricardo: Oh... that doesn't sound like fun at all... but I suppose if it gets me to the general area I need to go it shouldn't be that bad...

    Orhan: :)

  10. I have a GPS unit (a Garmin) that plugs into my cigarette ligter opening. It's terrible with detours but otherwie has ben veyr, very useful.

  11. The one I was eyeing was Garmin as well...

  12. hehe i never been to tambun before :)
    ... and when are you going to introduce me Risk? :D

  13. Another new future fan of Risk? Oh cool!


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