Sunday, February 10, 2008


Statistics has always been the most straightforward part of mathematics until 'probability' came into the picture. It's also one of the most interesting, especially when it comes to stuff related to blog searches.

I sort of got the idea for this post after reading The Seventh Notion the other day, and I'm aware that there were many others who have done this before.

Based on statcounter (which is wonderful, by the way, because it is so easy to use!) about 15.77% of people ended up on my blog post titled "blogger chicks rock" searching for 'malaysian chicks blogspot'. I don't really want to guess what they came looking for, but judging from the time they spent at my site, I doubt they got what they wanted.

The second highest search that led to this blog is "red tubes". My post was about the 3 in 1 nescafe packets that I'm addicted to (which are red, by the way). I suspect the people came by looking for a site that sells red tubes, or maybe a site that recommends the best red tubes in the market. Hehehe.

Some examples of searches that made me scratch my head are, "backup tao of pooh pdf" (???), "kenny sia father position" (to the person who searched for this, I regret to inform you that kenny sia's father had passed away 3 years ago), "sentimental jury las vegas" (Have I ever mentioned las vegas in my blog? - Maybe CSI), "prometheus anatomie blogspot" (maybe a book on greek mytholog(ie)y is where you may find the answer to this, otherwise you could ask the blogger prometheus who has disappeared from the blogging scene)

Alright... that's it. Now if people come around searching for the keywords above, they're going to land on this page. (inserts evil laughter here)


  1. Hehe cute post :)

    Also, u have been made admin, which means u get to invite people to the blog...check it out, it should be on your dashboard...and please do invite people...and post stuff...

    Hug :)

  2. I've been using statcounter for a little while and only just recently discovered the strange world of keywords and the worrying trend of bizzare keywords that are bringing people to my blog. Other than that I get a report once a week to tell me if people visit or not. So far, so good :)

  3. apparently there is a virus with the same name as my site. it has really increased traffic. so you think westerners have a fetish for asian female bloggers? wouldnt surprise me

  4. jv: yeah... a shout out it is :)

    silversabre: thanks... what's with the secrecy, though... I wonder :D

    orhan: hehehe... 3 cheers to bizarre keywords.

    cyberfish: now, that's really cool! As for westerners having a fetish for asian females, I guess it's possible. It may hold true the other way around as well

  5. you guess its possible? LOL. one of these days i will expound on some of my social theories for you.


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