Friday, February 29, 2008


I was just thinking that you don't get that many 29 Februarys in a lifetime. Well, at least not as many as say, 29 March or 29 April, which makes this post a once in a 4 year thing. Not knowing what the future holds (in the sense if I will still be blogging in 4 years time - though I don't see it any other way currently) I thought it would be appropriate to say something today.

See, now I have a post dated 29 February 2008. Happy leap day... (if there is such a thing!)


  1. Happy Leap Day! Go do something wild and crazy because you don't get to do it again for four years!


  2. Also there's the whole thing that traditionally this is the day that women can propose marriage to men... and I remember something about them saying no requires them to buy you a gold dress. So for kicks and giggles (and possibly a new wardrobe) you can propose to lots of blokes today!

  3. Happy Leap Day!

    Although I make that declaration a day late. I thought I should say something profound yesterday, but I couldn't think of anything.

    Oh well.

  4. ian: yeah, that's true... once every 4 years of craziness.

    aunty: that's a cool tradition... It would've been awesome seeing the looks on their faces (because we are not familiar with this tradition over here)

    travis: Lol! that happens...


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