Thursday, February 28, 2008


I've been walking... A lot. Involuntarily. Especially in the past two weeks. And been missing out on proper exercise, but I figured that the walking would cover that. It did, in a way... But....

It's with deep embarassment that I admit that my right hips hurts at this age (late twenties) Typically, I should be in a perfectly fit condition, but certain activities the past two weeks (and they're not in the least very strenuous, either) have left me with a strange pain in the hip.

So, now I can't sit comfortably, and walking seems to be a chore, but life goes on, and the walking continues... and so does the pain in the hip. Bleh.


  1. poor you. You might have just pulled something. You should probably get some physio and some rest

  2. I'm afraid so... but knowing me, I might have bumped into something and hurt myself. Just wish I could find some time to get some rest...


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