Thursday, October 25, 2007


Well, it's been a busy week and what seems to me like the longest week ever, what with working for 14 to 15 hours on Monday and Tuesday. I'm actually very very tired and this might also have been contributed by the severe lack of sleep and a brand new addiction throwing pillows at and casting spells on friends with this thing called Facebook (all this after the long hours in front of the computer and mentally exhausting discussions with fellow colleagues!)

Anyway, I had a lot of stuff in my mind, you know, the kind of posts that you plan to post about (after all I'm 70% addicted to blogging as a test I took says), but never actually sat down and typed them out. Why does it always seem nicer in our minds as opposed to on the screen?

About two weekends ago, I got to meet some really old childhood family friends. We had lost contact because we were too young back then to maintain contact, and they had also moved over to Belgium so meeting up after we got in touch again took awhile... And the thing that bothers be teribbly is how we were all very very quite despite the fact that when were kids, we had (allegedly) plotted the murder of one of my uncles! Of course we spoke, and it seemed all normal... but nevertheless there was an intangible awkwardness towards the whole situation.

This morning, I heard Hey There Delilah (not the first time) on the radio, and I couldn't help feeling sad. It's very difficult to say why exactly... was it because of the song? (Although it has nothing to do with my life at the moment) There's just this overwhelming feeling of something which I can't explain.

I need to write more as it is wonderfully therapeutic at the moment... but then my break time is almost over and I need to get some stuff done...


  1. I feel as though we should meet on facebook! I am already connected to Silver Sabre. If you want to be connected (and thus reveal your real identity to me!) send me an email to and I'll send you a connection invite... if you don't want to connect with me I'll understand... and cry a little perhaps ;)

  2. Oh, yes... I agree, we should. I'll get to it ASAP :)

  3. I love a good random ramble.

  4. I hope you get some well needed rest soon enough. I know exactly how you feel. Just be sure to take care of yourself first.

  5. I have to agree! It's so much nicer and easier imagining blogging in our minds instead of sitting down and staring at the blank screen! You know what? I always wish that there was a machine which could type out our thoughts into the computer as we are thinking. It would make blogging so much easier! =D

    I've downloaded Hey There Delilah after hearing it on an Astro channel. It's a pretty good song as it invokes a variety of moods - soft, melancholy, romantic, sad...

  6. i know exactly what you mean... when i am driving or working or eating... i can always think of things to write... but when i finally open up a word document... i actually have to find things to write... sigh.

    but it does flow after a while.


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