Thursday, October 18, 2007


They did... Back in 1969

So, our country's first astronaut (or spaceflight participant- ahem) - known locally as angkasawan finally went up to space in the swanky Soyuz TMA11 at 9:23 pm local time last Wednesday. In the midst of all the drama surrounding the excitement of sending off our first man to space almost 40 years after the first man landed on the moon, I had missed out on what he was actually supposed to do up there... was it to make 'pulled tea'? or make "roti canai" a type of bread which you have to toss into the air (so that it collects all the dirt from the atmosphere hence making it yummier) - as you can see, Malaysians are obsessed with food! Then there was talk about him playing batu seremban in zero gravity, and trying to spin the top....

It baffles me... the man is a doctor. Maybe he could make pulled tea... but tossing a roti canai, or spinning a top - you need some experience. But what's the point? It's not like we built our own spaceship from scratch... and it involved tonnes of taxpayers money just to send a man to space. Wouldn't it be better if we tried developing the technology instead?


  1. just so damn fucked up right?

    honestly... the gomen said he is up there to do experiment... what kinda experiment? show us the result?????!!!!

  2. well i seriously hoped that the whole project could have brought something useful for us, but alas, i dunno what he is gonna impart to us once he is back here. And the biocell thingy is one of the most easy experiments which can be done in space. There are many other experiments waiting to be launched by the scientist all over the world which could really help the mankind, but we instead went up there and made a fool of us.Just cant stop wondering why Singapore who have much more money than us havent send any astronauts??
    I guess they are smart to realise that without any industry to support it, it is waste of money, time and of course efforts into sending man to space.



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