Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I just noticed this evening that you can be perfectly content for a maximum of three days without any worries... that is if you chuck all the worries at the back of your head, eat cornflakes sans milk at 10 pm (don't ask why), have a reunion with some really really old pals, sleep very very late at night after half scaring yourself to death with some scary stuff, and listening to your favourite songs (all in no particular order)

And then reality sets in at an unexpected moment. You don't have a plan... where do you see yourself in a year? or two? No plan at all!

Oh crap! I'm panicking!!!! Why now?


  1. Don't panic!

    you don't *always* have to have a plan. It's ok to fake it for awhile. :)


  2. just pretend you have a plan to the outside world and when anyone asks you what it is, just tap the side of your nose and wink.

    This won't help you create a plan, but it will keep you entertained... and in this being entertained you will be less likely to panic.

  3. Love it...I've always said happniess works like the dynastic cycle ("smile now, but you're gonna be fucked up any day now")

  4. Don't panic! Dangit! You'll make me panic!

    I agree with Ian. Have some cornflakes and listen to a song or three.

  5. ian: I flipped out for a moment there (which lasted for a few long hours though) Must not panic... must not panic... must not panic....

    AHD::) I have a plan, and it's a secret... sounds like a good idea.... :)

    JV: I couldn't agree more

    travis: Great advice... thanks :)


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