Friday, March 30, 2007


I'm not being lazy... The last thing I need is an unauthorized copying lawsuit. I could use my hard earned money for so many other better things.


  1. hey there, just wanna say thank you for your kind words in my blog during the passing of my mom. i appreciate it.

  2. ok... i think i have said enough thank you already.

    anyway... on curbing bloggers... the govt is getting desperate. truth be told... why would they be so afraid of bloggers is we are truly liars?

  3. Lol, in the page you linked too, the line about censoring 'Astro' (though not in so many words), it sounds so like what our politicians and the 'moral police keep trying!

  4. How ironic that you did the "responsible" thing on your blog, as called on by the article, by linking to an article that wishes to censor you as a blogger!

    Sometimes people are just silly.

  5. Hi Terra,
    I don't see your posts harmful in any way. He must mean the political blogs really and those who comment on social affairs. Typical, to lump us all up together. I'm sure Sabri would find your blog lively & interesting. :-)

  6. Looks like the Datuks and Datins in the gubment have serious stuff under the carpet, wot?

    To quote Dart Sidious, 'all those who gain power are afraid to lose it'. Humans, pah!

  7. zewt: I guess you're right... I'm just hoping they're manipulating the situation just for the sake of filling up the papers :)

    princess: yes, another one has popped up... have to check back the news on Monday!

    kartik: i despise censorship... people pay to watch astro... me thinks it should be left alone, but it has come to a point where people are not heard anymore :(

  8. travis: i concur... some folks are just silly...

    susan: that's the problem... all they know are the socio-political bloggers (which provide interesting info, by the way) and they just stereotype all bloggers as evil, rumour mongering types. Not fair, right?

    prometheus: hmmm... all they know is how to make idiotic statements and make the foreign press laugh at us... the aussies already have a nickname for the country.

  9. Terra, yes, I agree but the upside is that if they keep a close watch they'll know the rest of us around and that's a pretty good thing. In fact, this is the kind of homework they should have done in the first place.

    ok, here's looking forward to your lovely posts. :-)


    let the govt read this!LOL

  11. It's annoying to read the newspaper about Malaysian heads blatantly attacking the bloggers in Malaysia for constantly defaming the government. I know not all bloggers talk about political things in their blog and there certainly are some patriotic Malaysian bloggers out there who are overlooked because of a few "politically questionable" blogs.

    *sigh* It saddens me that the whole blogging community is now segregated and scapegoated by Malaysian government.


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