Sunday, March 04, 2007


And then he dies, buried all alone accompanied by only his father , a friend since summer and a random owl eyed guy who frequented his parties that he threw throughout that summer. Who will then use the term 'old sport'?

I reread this book for the second time recently. There must have been something about it that makes it so endearing as a classic which I somehow failed to notice the first time reading it. True enough, this time around I found the language used beautiful, descriptions vivid and as the story builds up, you begin to walk around in the shoes of some of the characters... well, almost.

I sometimes wonder if things portrayed in fiction could have happened in real life, the desire deep down to do practically anything possible just to get back a person you once loved, or still love just like how Gatsby loved Daisy.

Or the fact that Wilson actually went forward to finish off Gatsby upon learning about the yellow car that took Mrs Wilson's life in that horrible accident.

Or how anyone could tolerate that bully Tom Buchanan. The description of him walking somehow reminds me of a T-rex, though I must admit that I've never been privileged to see one in person, walking or otherwise...

The thing is, I'm glad I read it again.At least I have a better understanding of what happened and an appreciation in the authors writing style.

Here is a favourite conversation from the book:
Daisy:(Whispering enthusiastically)
I'll tell you a afamily secret. It's about the butler's nose. Do you want to
hear about the butler's nose?
Nick: That's why I came over tonight


  1. I regret that Fitzgerald, and this story in particular, was spoiled for me in high school. I was not mature enough to study The Great Gatsby - in fact, none of us were.

    And I've never gone back to the book, or to any other story by Fitzgerald.

    Isn't that sad? Glad you enjoyed it the second time around.

  2. I used to teach this book. And I loved the lines you picked!!

  3. Princess: I'll get to your tag when i get the chance... Anyway, the book discussed is The Great Gatsby :D

    travis: well, i guess classic stories are like that. I still haven't completed the Scarlet letter. :D

    maryam: that's nice... i recall finding about the book through a show where the teacher asks her students to explain the book.

  4. I have to tell you, Terra. I think Gatsby is a highly overrated book. I don't care about any of the characters in that book. Maybe it's just me.

  5. It’s my first blogversary! You are invited.

  6. Nuthin better'n a good book, Prometheus says. And hey, belated happy budday to TSBB. Got any cake left over?

  7. Gem: I know what you mean... I'm currently reading another classic I've been stuck with since December but I wont mention the name of the book... anyway, it's well loved by so many people, but I cannot concentrate on the book!

    julia: Yeah, been there, but couldnt leave a comment the other day... but i just dropped by again... thanks for the mention :D

    prometheus: ha! ha! you're back... and you're right... nothing better than a good book!

  8. I think nobody exemplifies the corruption of the American Dream of the 1920s as well as this book! I love Gatsby - his pathetic tale of love lost. And I also love Fitzgerald's style. Makes me want to pick up another one of his books!


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