Thursday, March 01, 2007


Now ever since early February when I finally got my hands on One Way Ticket To Hell and Back by The Darkness, this song has been playing in my mind at all times, regardless of time. Well, it's either this or some other song from the album.

Of course, I don't have hazel eyes. They're dark brown and will remain so, I hope. Unlike *cute eyes* who happens to have hazel coloured eyes and has made many hearts flutter wildly.(Hazel eyes are a rarity in Malaysia) But that's another story

I find it hard to find words to describe the song. Not only is it amazingly sweet, the whole musical arrangement is pretty amazing too!

Hazel Eyes [Album Version]
By The Darkness

I hope this works.
**My soundcard has been destroyed by old age, so I do not know if it's working or not :D

*cute eyes* is the nickname one of our annoying **friends gave this guy who has hazel eyes. We initially called him *nice eyes* because we had no idea what his name was. I seriously prefer nice eyes to cute eyes because it sounds better, but somehow the name cute eyes stuck!
**the annoying friend is a senior who hung out with us. His best attribute is the horrible nick names he comes out with for people


  1. I laugh everytime when I hear that song, but my favourites from that album are 'bald' and 'knockers'

  2. I grin idiotically whenever I hear it :D

    The songs are all pretty amazing, aren't they?

  3. My eyes aren't hazel either. Just a dull brown-ish color.

  4. Brown seems to be a pretty common eye colour :D

  5. Drat! Now it's stuck in MY head!


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